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Essentials of TOEFL Prep Courses

Do you want your TOEFL test preparations to be the best? You can choose one of the TOEFL courses that are available based on your budget, personal situation and personal opinion. However, it is recommended that you join a TOEFL course only after knowing about all the best course options available to you.

Many universities and colleges in the USA and Canada conduct TOEFL prep courses. Some institutions offer in person courses for TOEFL preparation for the benefit of students who are unable to attend regular TOEFL classes. Private tutoring courses available in most of the major cities offer complete guidance for the test. You can choose one of the TOEFL courses that promise to offer a comprehensive TOEFL preparation program using the best study materials, teaching techniques, and tutors. This article provides the review of a few renowned TOEFL courses.

Kaplan's TOEFL Course

Kaplan is one of the most famous TOEFL course providers that offer comprehensive TOEFL prep courses. Kaplan offers both on-campus and online TOEFL classes. Kaplan also offers normal as well as advanced courses. Kaplan's TOEFL courses will help you in preparing for all the four sections of the TOEFL iBT test. You can find question banks and effective practice tests at Kaplan's website. The course promises to help you not only in achieving a higher score in the TOEFL test but also helps in improving your English skills for coping up with the academic life in an English-speaking country. Kaplan's TOEFL prep courses will definitely suit your needs and situation. Kaplan's TOEFL iBT and Academic English program are effectively designed to help you achieve the best possible scores in the TOEFL exam.

The Princeton Review's TOEFL Course

The Princeton Review offers comprehensive TOEFL courses using expert and dedicated instructors, excellent study plan, and the best teaching methodologies. The Princeton Review offers TOEFL prep courses in many options, such as on-site tutoring, online course, books, e-guides, video programs, etc. The Princeton Review helps in improving your fundamental English knowledge and interactive skills which are required for the TOEFL exam. The Princeton Review's Private Tutoring option promises to offer a full-fledged TOEFL tutoring program with the benefits of expert training, experienced tutors, and completely customized, flexible and convenient study schedule to get stellar results in the actual TOEFL exam.


Pass4Sure offers exclusive TOEFL preparation materials and practice tests. It offers the original TOEFL answers and the TOEFL scoring mechanism. This prep course promises to transform you into a competent student using their TOEFL preparation courses, TOEFL practice questions and TOEFL preparation tools. Pass4Sure promises to boost your confidence level before you sit for the actual TOEFL exam. It offers the best interactive and interesting TOEFL courses using expert professionals, the best training methods, and the best quality TOEFL study materials. Alongside, it also offers TOEFL online courses.

You can also find numerous other TOEFL courses that are of good quality. If you do not wish to join a regular class, you can choose the online option for TOEFL preparation. Most of the best online TOEFL prep courses provide free interactive examples of TOEFL test questions.

You need to undertake a fine search over the Internet to find one of the best courses that suits your needs and expectations. You can also consider the suggestions given by your friends or relatives for choosing one of the best TOEFL prep courses. Whatever may be the institution or course option you choose, the real success lies in your hand. Your sincere dedication and hard work that is supported by one of the best TOEFL prep course can make a huge positive difference in your ultimate TOEFL score.

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