Test of English as a Foreign Language, popularly known as TOEFL, is a test which is recognized as an important eligibility criterion, which a non-native speaker of English has to clear in order to secure admission in any American or Canadian educational institution.

TOEFL tests the non-native students ability to use and grasp English when it is spoken, written or heard by him in the educational institutions. In order to appear for the TOEFL test, the student must get himself registered with the authorities. Before appearing for the test the student must get familiar with the TOEFL course. There are a number ways in which the TOEFL course is being offered to students. A few of them are:


The student can join the TOEFL course classes. The TOEFL course classes are conducted by a number of universities and colleges throughout America and Canada. The number of students that are admitted in the TOEFL course classes is restricted to a maximum of fifteen. This is done so that the instructor is able to attend each and every student individually and give personal attention. The TOEFL course classes encourage face-to-face interaction between the instructor and the student. To attend the TOEFL course classes the student will have to first of all get himself registered

The instructors present in the TOEFL course classes provide the student with a vocabulary list. It contains the exact words, which are to be applied by them in the test. The list also consists of nouns, verbs, pronouns, prepositions, phrases, idioms, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms etc. The TOEFL course classes help the student with the basics of English grammar, articles, adjectives and their proper application.

The student attending the TOEFL course classes gets useful tips on how he can improve his speaking as well as listening scores. The instructors provide the student with phonetic reviews and they analyze the accent of the student as well. The TOEFL course classes give a number of practice exercises to the students. The passages that are given to the student may be taken from the popular newspapers; the listening exercise might be from a leading news channel. The student might be asked to solve real problems from the TOEFL tests of past years.

The main focus of the TOEFL course classes is to make the student familiar with the listening, reading, writing and speaking sections of the TOEFL test. The TOEFL course classes are conducted on fixed days in a week. It allows the non-native English-speaking students to get familiar with the English language that is spoken in the colleges and universities. He also acquires the skills and strategies that are required to pass the test.


The in person TOEFL course is recommended for the student who remains busy and is unable to attend the TOEFL course classes regularly. In person TOEFL course is also the best option for a student who lives out of town. It is one of the best and is a time saving TOEFL course. The student can choose from two TOEFL courses that are offered to him. The first TOEFL course is an intensive TOEFL course for one day. The class duration is of 40 hours in total. The second option is that of a crash course of two days, with the time duration of 16 hours per day.

The student is provided with authentic questions related with TOEFL for practice during the class. The in person TOEFL course also conducts an in-depth question answer round related with TOEFL. The guide present in the in person TOEFL course provides one to one attention to each and every student and provides him with all the required feedback.

The guides that are present there are all highly qualified experts with years of experience. They help the student to acquire complete knowledge of all the sections of TOEFL. The in person TOEFL course makes use of electronic whiteboard technology, so that the student gets familiar with the format of appearing for the TOEFL test in front of a computer. The in person classes are either held during the weekdays or on weekends. The student must get himself registered for this TOEFL course in advance. The student must make the payment for the TOEFL course within a period of two weeks. The TOEFL course fee is not fixed and varies from state to state. A few institutions, which hold the in person TOEFL courses sometimes offer special promotional discounts.


There are a number of private tutoring institutions, which offer the TOEFL course. Well-qualified and highly experienced TOEFL course experts basically run these institutions. The private tutoring TOEFL courses are available in almost all the major cities and the student can get himself admitted in any one of them. The private tutoring institutions provide the student with complete TOEFL course kit. The advantage of the private tutoring institutions is that the student can take as much time as he wants to learn the material and the TOEFL course instructors are always present there so that they can provide the student with any type of help that he wants. There is a direct communication between the student and the instructor. The TOEFL course is set up keeping in mind the students caliber, aptitude, needs and requirements. The instructor gives the student the basic idea of the TOEFL course. He recognizes the students weaknesses and helps the student to overcome them. The student is also provided with online preparation. The student generally has to appear for a TOEFL diagnostic test and then the instructor prepares the students individualized TOEFL course material.

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