What Is the Cost of Taking TOEFL

If you are interested in taking the TOEFL, and want to know how much it will cost you to take the test, read the following paragraphs. This article will also tell you how to reduce your total TOEFL cost.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for TOEFL?

Some people may consider only the registration fee as the TOEFL cost, but there are other things to consider as well. Your TOEFL cost can include the following:

  1. Registration Fee for the TOEFL:

    The registration fee for the TOEFL varies from one country to another. The fee can be between $160 and $250. If you do not register within the regular time limit, you can register by paying a late fee of $35. You can make a request for a change in the test schedule, even after you have successfully registered for the TOEFL. You are allowed to change both the date and the test center. The fee for a change in the test schedule is $60.

  2. Other Fees:

    In order to have your TOEFL score report sent to additional institutions, there is a fee of $17 per report. You can have the Speaking or Writing section of the TOEFL rescored by paying a fee of $60. You can have both these sections rescored on the payment of $120 as the rescore fee. If any of your checks are returned, you have to bear a fee of $20 per check.

  3. Travel Expenses:

    You can select a test center as close to your place of residence as possible and reduce your total TOEFL cost.

  4. Cost of Preparation for the TOEFL:

    A TOEFL prep course with classroom sessions, can cost $700 and upwards, for a month-long program. If you select a course of a longer duration, it will cost you more. You can also select an online prep course. The cost of online prep programs varies from course to course.

    If you decide to prepare on your own for the TOEFL, you will have to get books and other prep material. Books for TOEFL prep can cost around $20 to $40 per book. You may need two to three books altogether; one basic book, one for an advanced level of study, and one which focuses on practice tests.

How to Reduce Your TOEFL Cost?

You can reduce your TOEFL cost in the following ways:

  1. Planning:

    Find out the test centers and test dates that are available. Plan your schedule for the day of the test, before you register. This way you will avoid unnecessary fees for change of date or center. Make a note of the last date for registration, and complete the formalities of registration within the deadline.

  2. Fee Reduction:

    If you are a US high school senior, you may be eligible for a fee reduction. Visit the official TOEFL website to see if you satisfy the eligibility criteria.

  3. Consider Preparing for the TOEFL on Your Own:

    You can cut back on the fees you will otherwise pay for TEOFL prep, if you prepare on your own. If you can find a friend from whom you can borrow prep books, then you can reduce your TOEFL cost further. If, however, you decide to borrow books, make sure that they are of the latest editions, otherwise your preparation may be inadequate. Another thing to keep in mind before embarking on a self-study program is whether you will be well prepared for the test or not. You can take a mock TOEFL test and check your score against the score required by the institutions you are interested in. If your test score is not much less than your target score, then you would probably be able to prepare adequately on our own.

    Whatever methods you adopt in order to reduce your TOEFL cost, you must keep an important thing in mind; that is, the quality of your prep should not be affected adversely. Otherwise, you may end up paying more, because you may decide to take the test again.

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