Everything You Need to Know about TOEFL iBt Codes

TOEFL tests your English-language skills. Focus will be on how you speak, write, read, and listen in the academic environment. This test is popular worldwide. More than 8,500 institutions accept exam scores. This test is administered by ETS. It can be taken in two formats. These are the iBT and PBT versions. iBT stands for Internet-based Test and PBT stands for Paper-based Test. Independent and critical thinking, argumentation skills and presentation skills are the key deciding factors in scoring. The iBT is popular among test-takers. We will talk about iBT codes as a part of the test registration process.

ETS allows four methods of registration: online registration, telephone registration, mail registration, and TOEFL iBT resource center registration. Telephone registration is not available for PBT. Online registration is the easiest and quickest method to follow if you create your profile in advance. ETS's online registration system is safe and secure if you follow the instructions strictly. Remember to spell your name exactly while registering; it should match with your identity proof which you plan to take to the test center. Registration fee for iBT ranges from 160 to 250 USD depending on your location.

While registering for TOEFL iBT or PBT, make sure that you enter the required code correctly. The following are the required iBT codes: institution code, regional registration center code, department code, country and region code, and native language code.

Entering these codes incorrectly may cause undesired and unexpected results. For example, if you don't enter your institutions codes correctly, your scores will not reach the preferred institutions. You may lose your precious time; admissions might be delayed as a result. In order to avoid this error, register through ETS's online registration system. When you register online, the required code is automatically entered for you. If you are registering by mail or telephone, you have to provide the required code yourselves. In such circumstances, you have to look through the code lists provided on the ETS website. The code lists are in PDF file format. You need Adobe Reader to open and view them. These PDF files are searchable and some files are bookmarked for easier navigation. Direct download links for the test code list PDF files and Adobe Reader are provided at the end of this article.

Brief Explanation of Codes

  • Institution Code

    The file is officially and formally known as TOEFL Destinations Directory. It gets updated every three months. It contains codes of those institutions from around the world that accept the exam scores. These institutions include colleges, universities, and government agencies. Along with the code, the file provides each institution's location and its website address.

    While registering, you have the opportunity to send your scores to four institutions of your choice. Look through the file to find the codes of institutions. If you don't find the code of an institution that accepts the scores, contact the institution directly.

  • Regional Registration Center Code

    Enter your test registration code. The file gives centers postal addresses and website addresses, and other contact information such as email and telephone number.

  • Department Code

    If you are applying for a graduate school, business school, and law school remember to provide the department codes. Undergraduate test-takers enter 00 as the department code. Use the official codes to make sure that scores are sent to the right program.

  • Country and Region Code

    Choose the appropriate code for your country and region from where you are appearing for the test. Use the appropriate PDF file (see the links provided at the end of this article).

  • Native Language Code

    Select the appropriate code for your native language. Use the appropriate PDF file (see the links provided at the end of this article).

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