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The Best Classes for TOEFL Prep

TOEFL translates to the Test of English as a Foreign Language and is an English language test to assess the prowess of an individual in English, for academic purposes. Due to the excessive demand for English worldwide, the TOEFL test is conducted in various countries all over the world. Students can easily find TOEFL classes that can train them for the examination in all respects.

Let's take a look at a Few Renowned TOEFL Classes:

  1. The Kaplan Company TOEFL Classes:

    The Kaplan Company is a multifaceted test-prep company that excels in helping students prepare for many standardized tests all over the world. The company has a separate division for training students in the English language. The TOEFL classes by Kaplan are conducted by its International Company called the Kaplan International. The website of Kaplan International is

    The TOEFL classes by Kaplan have the following features:

    • Kaplan's TOEFL classes are included in a course called the TOEFL Course.

    • This TOEFL Course includes an academic English course also.

    • The course lasts for around 4-16 weeks and the classes are held on a weekly basis.

    • The TOEFL classes are segregated into two categories; the TOEFL prep and the academic English prep.

    • The course has a total of 35 classes that cater to TOEFL prep and academic English preparation through a structured study schedule.

    • The Kaplan TOEFL classes help students excel in TOEFL which is very important for gaining entrance to English speaking universities. The general academic classes aim to help students sustain themselves in those universities.

    • The Kaplan TOEFL classes include review and practice sessions that simulate the actual test.

    The Kaplan TOEFL classes are available in cities like London, parts of Canada and the USA. To get a detailed idea about all the aspects of the Kaplan TOEFL classes visit the link:

  2. The Princeton Review TOEFL Preparation Classes:

    Princeton Review is a company that has excellent options for the preparation of many global and standardised examinations. The TOEFL prep by Princeton Review is conducted in the form of tutoring and live-online TOEFL classes.

    The following are a few features of the TOEFL classes by Princeton Review:

    • The students can choose from a structured tutoring course or take a few classes with the tutors provided by Princeton Review.

    • The classes can also be taken on an hourly basis.

    • The Company provides students with an option to get their classes customised by the tutors whereby the classes will follow the format that has been created keeping the requirements of the students and his/her level of proficiency in mind.

    • The tutors that take the TOEFL classes are ranked by the Company according to their experience and expertise.

    • The TOEFL classes can be taken by three kinds of tutors depending on the needs of the students. The kinds of tutors are; premier, master and private tutors.

    • The Company also provides the option of live-online classes for TOEFL.

    The Princeton Review TOEFL classes are highly customised and can be altered to match every requirement of the students. For a detailed outlook on the format of the TOEFL classes conducted by Princeton Review, visit the link:

  3. The Manhattan Review TOEFL Classes:

    Manhattan Review is a Company that was started by a team of professionals from the USA, who conduct classes for many standardised tests across the world. Though this company is based out of the USA but, through its online courses, it has a global outreach. The following are a few features of its TOEFL classes:

    • The TOEFL classes are available in many formats. The options or the formats are: online classes, classroom courses, personal tutoring and live classroom courses combined with online TOEFL classes.

    • The online classes can be customised as per different time zones and availability of students who are on the move.

    • Recorded classes are available if a student misses out on a class.

    • The classroom TOEFL classes make use of vey high-end technology.

    • The online classes also use the latest technology whereby the students can interact with the instructors through live messaging.

    • The classes help in making the students well versed with the Internet-based TOEFL test.

    Every course format within the Company has a variety of elements. The Company takes TOEFL classes in many countries outside the USA also. For a clear knowledge of the various TOEFL classes by Manhattan Review, visit the link:

As more and more countries are beginning to acknowledge English as the common language for academic instruction, the need for a testing system like TOEFL is fast increasing. Along with online classes, every locality has its own TOEFL prep options and students should do a rigorous research about the TOEFL classes that are available, before enrolling for one.

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