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How to Select a TOEFL Test Date and Test Centre

Good TOEFL score is an essential part of your admission portfolio, if you want to study in a premier college or university of North America, UK or Australia. Just as preparation is important, if you want to get a good score, so is selecting a TOEFL test date and a centre. You must select these two things well ahead of time. While selecting a TOEFL centre ensure that you have taken into account certain things, which are discussed in the following section.

Things to Consider While Selecting TOEFL Date and Centre

Selection of TOEFL test date and centre are interdependent, i.e., selection of a test date will determine your selection of a TOEFL centre and vice versa. The TOEFL result that you receive is valid for 2 years. So while selecting a test date you must keep in mind the dates of admission of the colleges and universities you are applying in and ensure that the two dates do not clash.

Another important thing you should remember while selecting a test date is that if by chance you miss the fall admission into a college or university, then the test date should be such that the same TOEFL result is valid for the spring admission. The test date and TOEFL centre that you select will also depend on whether you will be appearing for the iBT or PBT version of TOEFL.

If you are appearing for iBT version then you can choose a TOEFL centre from 4500 authentic TOEFL testing sites. If you are appearing for the PBT version then your choices are limited. The testing centre that you select should not be far from your residence and should be located in a quiet neighborhood, so that you can take your test without being disturbed.

If possible check out a few reviews about some convenient TOEFL centers before you finally take a decision. If you require a complete list of TOEFL test dates and locations then click on the following link:

Once you have selected the date and location you must register for the examination. The registration process is discussed in the following section.

Register for TOEFL

To ensure that the registration process goes off smoothly you should register for the examination at least 3 to 6 months before the examination. Some facts about TOEFL registration are as follows:

  • You should select up to 4 colleges, universities or agencies where you want to send your TOEFL scores. ETS will send your score directly to them. You can also request ETS to send your score directly to more institutes, however for this facility you will have to pay additional amount of money along with your registration fees.

  • You should create an account on the ETS website as it will be required not only for your registration but also later on to check your TOEFL result.

  • You can register for TOEFL online, through mail, through phone or by going to TOEFL iBT resource center personally.

  • You can make the payment using a credit or a debit card. You can also buy a voucher from an iBT TOEFL Resource Center or a Voucher Reseller.

  • While registering for TOEFL ensure that you have a valid identity proof, since you will have to spell your name exactly like it is in that and carry it to TOEFL centre on the day of the test.

The afore-mentioned list will give you an idea of the things you need in order to register for TOEFL, the various methods of registration as well as payments. The registration processes are discussed in the following section.

How to Register for TOEFL

There are 4 methods for registering for TOEFL. Online registration is the easiest and the most preferred method of registration. The online registration process is open 24 hours and hence you can register at your convenience. If you want to know the exact registration process then click on the following link: This link will open a pdf file that consists of the step-by-step process for online registration.

If you are registering through phone then check out the registration form before you call up. If you are late for registration then you must call latest by 5pm (local time), the working day previous to the test dates, because after that the registration process will close. If you want the number of your Regional Registration center then click on the following link:

If you are registering through mail then you must fill the registration form and send it to the Regional Registration Center along with the registration fees. The form must reach the center at least 4 weeks before the examination date. The links to the centers are mentioned in the previous paragraph and the codes that you will have to mention in the form will be available in the following link:

If you want to register in person then you could either fill up the registration form at home or register at the iBT TOEFL Registration Center. In the registration form, irrespective of the mode of registration, you will have to mention the TOEFL centre where you want to take the test. So this is the most important thing that you should decide before you begin the registration process. Once you have done that select the method of registration that you are most comfortable in and then register for the examination.

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