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How to Select a TOEFL Center

TOEFL Test Center

Choosing a center for TOEFL testing is an easy job especially when there are thousands of test centers, existing in all the parts of the world to administer the exam for about 30-40 times annually. There are test centers in US, UK, Canada and all the other places around the world which administer the test. You can find a center for testing even at regional locations like in Japan, Korea, Asian countries and elsewhere. Hence, Educational Testing Service (ETS: responsible for administering TOEFL) does not compromise when it comes to allocating a center for testing nearest to your home. However, while choosing a test center for TOEFL, you should abide by certain priorities and attributes.

Things to Remember While Selecting a Test Center

Selecting a test center for testing involves following parameters and factors. Let us read about some of them in the following points:

  • The test center you choose must have the necessary equipments and apparatus to conduct the test. This means that you should check whether the test center has experienced staff, standard operating measures and requisite area, which are up to mark with the Test Standards fixed by ETS.

  • The test center you are choosing must have proper security and safety measures to avoid any malpractices. You should check whether proper identification checks are done before entering the center. Also, make sure that the testing center operatives make you sign the Confidentiality Statement before entering the examination hall.

  • The test center of your choice must contain a Test Center Administrator (TCA) who guides you through the processes and instructions you need before sitting for the test. The TCA also helps you with queries (not extending to the test content) during the test.

  • The test center you have chosen must be conveniently located from your residence. You have to select a test center, to which, you can easily plan a proper route free from any traffic or related distractions.

The Process for Selecting the Test Center

Now that you have read about certain elements and factors to consider while choosing a test center, let us discuss about the places where you can select your exam center. The test is hosted at authorized testing centers globally. Most of the testing centers conduct the test in the iBT® or the Internet Based Test format. In case your location does not have the proper setup for conducting iBT TOEFL, ETS makes arrangement for conducting the test in the PBT format or the Paper Based Format. You shall get the list of test centers in the official website of ETS.

The names of the countries, which are conducting the test at registered center, are arranged in an alphabetic order. Choose the starting letter of your country to shortlist the name of the test centers and view those available at or close to your location. Moreover, you can also obtain the test center codes of your desired test center from the test center list. Go to: to get the test center list conducting the test.

In case you are opting for the Paper Based test of TOEFL, you have to check this link: ETS made the distinction between iBT TOEFL centers and PBT TOEFL centers in order to make your search for a test center narrower.

Regional Testing Centers

The above two links may not be applicable for test takers, seeking for a regional center for testing. ETS has listed down the list of Regional Registration Centers (RRCs) to facilitate more test takers around the world to participate in taking the test. Follow the link: to view the list of RRCs. You will find a total of fourteen regions, which are responsible for conducting the test at regional locations. You can note down these test centers’ courier address, E-mail Address, Fax number and E-mail ID, which are facilitated in this list. Make sure to include your International Access Number before trying any of the contact numbers given in RRCs list.

From this discussion we learn about the test centers and the process to choose the test center that is convenient for your location. If you wish to learn more about your desired test center, you can use the internet and get detailed information from the links provided.