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TOEFL Preparation Sources in Boston

The Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is mandatory if you want to study in many of the best universities and colleges in the USA and other countries. Many students find that taking a TOEFL prep course boosts their performance in the TOEFL. Boston has some good course options for the preparation for TOEFL. In this article we review some of the best preparatory courses for TOEFL Boston offers.

  1. Boston Academy of English:

    The Boston Academy of English has a very good TOEFL program. This is one of the courses for TOEFL Boston students prefer to take. This course is targeted at those whose first language is not English. The Boston Academy of English TOEFL course is designed keeping in mind that to perform well in the TOEFL, it is not sufficient for students to know the English language. The program aims to impart specific strategies and give you the confidence you need to obtain a high score in the TOEFL.

    The course includes classroom teaching, online instruction and personal tutoring. The initial part of the course is about familiarizing you with the TOEFL, its sections and questions types. This part of the program also teaches you the general skills in English that you will need. The second part of the course concentrates on the specific skills required, and takes you section-by-section through the TOEFL. The program imparts essential skills such as essay-writing and paraphrasing and includes practice tests to constantly monitor your progress.

    The instructors are qualified and experienced. The class size is small, (around seven students per class) to ensure individual attention. Boston Academy of English also offers you a choice of the number of weeks of instruction that you want. The four-week course is priced at US$1325 and the eight week course is for US$ 2300. The website is

  2. Approach USA:

    Approach is one of the most popular prep courses for TOEFL Boston has for its students. The TOEFL preparatory course at Approach lasts for two months. In the first month, the course is about the sections of the TOEFL and the methods for answering the questions. In the second month of the course, the focus is on your individual problems with the TOEFL. The practice tests also focus on these individual requirements. This kind of approach to TOEFL ensures that you as a student obtain the best TOEFL prep you can get. The cost of the course varies from US$750 to US$ 1500 per month, depending on what kind of accommodation and other services you opt for. You can get more details at the following website:

  3. Kaplan International:

    One of the best prep courses for TOEFL Boston offers its residents, is the program by Kaplan International. This program features excellent study material that includes strategies, tips and guidelines on how to attempt the individual sections of the TOEFL. The instructors review what you have learnt at regular intervals, and they discuss your performance with you, to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Eight practice TOEFLs are administered on the Kaplan computers to give you a very good idea of what the actual TOEFL will be like. Kaplan also offers library facilities to its students.

    The TOEFL program consists of 35 classes in a week with the entire course spread over 4 to 16 weeks. The price starts at US$ 1740 for the four week course. You can find this course at the following link:

If you want to study for the TOEFL in Boston, you can find many options to choose from. With the large number of prep courses for TOEFL Boston has on offer, you should be able to find something that fits your requirements and your budget, and helps you to obtain a satisfactory score in the TOEFL.

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