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7 Tips for Selecting a Good TOEFL Prep Source

TOEFL preparation can become less difficult if you enroll in a TOEFL preparatory course. There are a number institutes that offer such prep courses. However, before you select a preparatory source ensure that it meets most of your requirements. The institute offering the course should be renowned and the tutors teaching TOEFL must be experienced and highly skilled. Moreover, these courses are quite expensive; hence it is better to research well about similar preparatory sources before enrolling into one. A course teaching TOEFL must have some common essential features and they are discussed below.

Things to be Considered While Selecting TOEFL Course

There are a number of institutes in the market teaching TOEFL. However, before you select a preparatory course ensure that they have the following features:

  1. A TOEFL preparatory course must comprise proper study materials that give equal importance to all sections of the examination.

  2. The instructors employed by the institute must be skilled enough to help you identify your weaknesses. This is essential because only when you identify and understand your weaknesses can you overcome them.

  3. The course instructors should teach you techniques and strategies to help you meet the challenges of the examination. Some sessions of the course should be devoted to strategizing alone.

  4. The course should devote sufficient time to practice sessions because the more you practice the more confident you will be on the day of the examination.

  5. The course you enroll in should develop your vocabulary and improve your grammatical skills. Unlike other international English examinations, TOEFL questions adhere to academics. Thus, it is essential to have strong vocabulary and grammatical skills.

  6. If you enroll in a one-on-one session with a tutor then ensure that the course is customized according to your requirements and your strengths and weaknesses.

  7. It will be an added advantage if your tutor helps you select a test date and center. The course you enroll in should help you not only to prepare for TOEFL but also with the registration process.

Although, the afore-mentioned list outlines the features common to most of the types of TOEFL courses available in the market, yet the best course that you can enroll in is one-on-one sessions with a TOEFL tutor. Tutors teaching TOEFL offer the much needed personal care that they cannot offer in classroom sessions. You can enroll in online or live sessions with a tutor, based on your requirements. Some tutors teaching TOEFL are discussed in the following section.

Tutors Teaching TOEFL that you can Consider

You can enroll in one-on-one sessions with a tutor employed in an institute that prepares students for TOEFL or individuals tutors. Some TOEFL preparatory sources that you can consider (and links to their websites) are as follows:

  • http://www.onlinetutorforenglish.com/toefl-tutor-plans.php : This website offers help to candidates preparing for TOEFL by providing separate tutors based on the specific needs of candidates. Based on your requirements you can select a package. For example, if you need help in the Speaking section of TOEFL then you should select the package where you will be assigned 20 hours with a skilled spoken English tutor. You can enroll in this program by paying $600. So if you need help in specific areas of TOEFL then you should check this website.

  • http://www.toeflprofessor.com/ : Here you will find an individual tutor preparing candidates for TOEFL. The unique feature of this TOEFL course is that the entire course will be customized according to your requirements. Moreover, the classes will be held online so if travelling is a constraint for you then you should check out this website. If you want to prepare for TOEFL from the comfort of your home then you could consider this course.

  • http://www.elitehometutoring.com/test-prep/toefl-prep.php : They offer tutors who will travel to your residence in order to prepare you for TOEFL. They also offer online courses. The tutors are all skilled and are teachers too. If you want live sessions with a tutor but cannot travel to attend the session then you should check out this website.

The afore-mentioned list will give you an idea of the type of help you can get from various tutors. Based on your requirements, you can now select a tutor to help you prepare for TOEFL. Remember, your tutor should have a holistic approach in teaching TOEFL, so that you are thoroughly prepared for the test.

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