Help to Study for TOEFL

Prerequisites of TOEFL Study

TOEFL tests your understanding of the English language through its Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking test sections. Each of the test sections are scored on a scale of 0 to 30, thus assessing you in the score range of 0 to 120. It evaluates you based on two test formats. They are the TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT. To take TOEFL internet Based Test (iBT), you must have a computer and an internet connection. On the other hand, those who are not comfortable with working on a computer, can take the TOEFL Paper Based Test (PBT).

If you want to score high in the test, you have to plan your study for TOEFL. You can study for the test with the help of the official website,; books of TOEFL, popular social networking websites, paramount coaching classes etc.

  1. Preparation through

    Through this website, you can get access to several online practice tests for all the four test sections. You can practice TOEFL iBT Complete Practice Test Volume 21, 22, 23 and 24. They contain:

    • Questions with complete explanations for their answers.
    • Practice tests that you can take in simulated conditions for the real testing day experience.
    • Explanations why your answer to a question is incorrect.

    Besides, evaluation for the practice tests is done based on the method of scoring that is followed in the real test. Your Reading, Writing and Listening test sections are scored in the score range of 0 to 30 whereas, for the Speaking test section, you are rated with software 'Speech Rater Program'.

    Note: There are also separate practice tests for the Reading, Listening and Speaking test sections. To get more information, you can refer to the link

  2. Preparation with TOEFL Books

    Books are always with you i.e. they are available for you whenever and wherever you want them. You can refer to several good books to study for the test, which are described below:

    TOEFL iBT, The Official ETS Study Guide: This study guide provides you with more than 500 actual test questions along with explanations for their answers. Besides, it contains strategies to approach difficult questions. You can also practice sample essays provided in this book to strengthen your skills for the Writing section. To get detailed information about the contents of this book, you can open the link

    Barron's TOEFL iBT, 12th Edition: Pamela J. Sharpe has created this book. It allows you to get access to several practice tests. Moreover, you can practice your listening skills through the audio scripts that are provided along with the book. To get detailed information, you can open the webpage

  3. Find a Guide to TOEFL

    You can get guidance through several coaching centers to study for the test. However, you have to find and choose one of the best guides. You can refer to Manhattan's TOEFL. It offers:

    • Both in-person and online instructions.
    • Books such as Longman TOEFL, Manhattan Review TOEFL Handbook etc.
    • Private tutoring and group instructions.
    • Personal feedback to students.

    You can refer to the link for detailed information about this guidance source.

  4. Focus on English

    While you study for the TOEFL exam:

    • Read books, newspapers, magazines that contain Standard English language. This will enhance your comprehension in English.
    • Note down the words that cause obstacle in understanding contexts and consult a dictionary to know about their meanings.
    • You can use the newly learnt words during your day-to-day conversations and writings. This will help you in grabbing the concept of those words with their meanings and also help you in memorizing them.
    • Strengthen your English vocabulary by referring to vocabulary books and online sources.
    • Listen to BBC news, standard lectures and conversations in English. This will also help you in improving your speaking skills by getting an idea of English pronunciation.
    • Speak in English in front of a mirror. This will boost up your confidence and help you in speaking fluently.
    • Focus on English Grammar.
  5. Manage Time

    You should study for the exam keeping in mind the time factor. You can manage your time by taking practice tests within a limited time and under other simulated situations. This will help you in finishing your test in time.

The above discussion conveys to you various tips to study for the test. In addition to the above guidelines, you can also form study groups with your friends, take several practice tests in the group, and then discuss your doubts. This will clear your concepts on the topics and thus will help you in getting success in TOEFL.