Study for TOEFL

The Ideal Study Plan for TOEFL

Preparation is the key to a good TOEFL score. When you study for TOEFL, prepare a study plan and stick to it. Follow these tips when you plan to study for TOEFL. These will help you a lot. Each person will begin preparation for the test at different times. Ideally it takes around 1-2 months for a good preparation. There are some who prepare for 6 months. The time required depends on your English ability. If you feel you are good at English, you may require lesser time. Here the study plan lasts for around 6 weeks.

Learn about TOEFL

First and foremost, do a proper research on TOEFL and understand what is expected from you. Know the different sections (reading, writing, listening and speaking) that will be tested. Allot 1 day to learn all about TOEFL. Use most of the time available to you to study for TOEFL. Learn about the different question patterns in the different sections of the TOEFL.

Mock TOEFL Test

Do a mock TOEFL test and know where you stand. Understand your strong areas and weak points. This is a very important part of your schedule. This again will require only one day.

Collect Study Material

Before you start the proper studying, collect all the material required for the preparation. If you are planning to do a self-study this is the step that will help you in all the steps in your study for TOEFL. Collect books, internet material and audio CDs from friends and the internet.


Learn the English grammar well. Learn from the basics. Before you move to the individual sections to study for TOEFL test, your English grammar, pronunciations, spellings and usage of words should be good and correct. Work on these areas for the first few days or 1 week. This is the difficult part of the preparation. Once you get this clear and correct, the study for TOEFL part of the preparation becomes easy.

Listening Section

Prepare for the listening section by practicing with real listening material. Sit in a comfortable room with a good audio system. Listen to the passages and answer the questions given with them. In the test you are allowed to take notes. Start practicing by taking notes. This will help you in answering the questions as you will be able to listen to the audio only once. Allot one week of your preparation time for this section.

Reading Section

Collect the material and practice for this section with this. Understand the questions and start answering. If you are not able to understand the passage or sentences in the passage, break it into smaller fragments and try to understand. The time you can allot for this section is also 1 week.

Writing Section

Write articles on different topics and get them corrected and evaluated by English teachers or tutors. Ask them to give comments on your writing style and places where you have to change your style. This will help you in improving your written English. 1 week’s time should be allotted for this section.

Speaking Section

Once you start your study for TOEFL, try to converse only in English. Record what you speak for the different parts of the speaking section and ask an English teacher or a tutor to review it. This section also requires 1 week.

Practice tests

The part of your study for TOEFL which plays the most important part is doing practice tests. Do as many tests as possible and time all your tests. Review the answers after each test and try to improve your score with each test. The last 1 week you can do these practice tests.

Tips While Preparing a Study Plan

  • Do not overload yourself.
  • Draft a plan that will be doable.
  • Once you schedule your plan stick to it strictly.
  • Have a weekly review of how well you have adhered to your plan.
  • Allot some time in your schedule for relaxation.
  • Allot some time to complete tasks that you were not able to complete due to unavoidable circumstances.

The preparation plan given above is an overview. It will change with each individual’s capacity. You can either prepare for one section after completing another or prepare all sections together allotting one day for each section.

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