Sample TOEFL Essays

Sample essays for TOEFL can be written by students who want to prepare for the 'independent writing 'section of TOEFL. The topics on which to write model essays are available at the official website of TOEFL. The topics are very varied and the students can get good practice for TOEFL Writing section if they practice writing these example essays. The time allotted for the essay-writing section in TOEFL is 30 minutes and the length of the essays has to be a minimum of 300 words. Students can write more if they have the time and enough matter.

TOEFL essays need to be simple yet effective. The language in the essays has to be correct and the arguments made in them need to be backed by proper illustrations. The sample essays should contain phrases like 'as per my views' or 'according to me' to personalise the essays. Also, the examples used should help in solidifying the statements that are made in the essays.

Let us have a look at one sample essay to get an idea about TOEFL essays. The topic for this essay has been extracted from the official list of TOEFL writing topics given on its website.


You need to travel from your home to a place 40 miles (64 kilometres) away. Compare the different kinds of transportation you could use. Tell which method of travel you would choose. Give specific reasons for your choice.


Modern living has its many advantages but according to me, the best advantage of living in today's world is comfort. If we look around us, we see that there are innumerable options for everything that we want or desire and, we can easily choose what provides us with maximum comfort. The same is the case with travelling. Be it short distances or long cross-country travel, there are comfortable options galore.

If I need to travel 40 miles from my home, there are various modes of transportation that I can use. I can use a car, a motorbike, a bus or even a subway system. A train can also be used if the place that I am going has train tracks to reach it. The various modes of transportation can be compared based on their speeds.

All modes of transportation have different speeds. A car and a bus mostly have a similar speed unless differentiated by quality of engines. Both are subject to similar conditions like encountering traffic or getting stuck on badly constructed roads. Buses are mostly used as public transport while a car can be a hired-taxi or a personal car. A motorbike is faster than a car or a bus even through it is run on the same roads under similar conditions. It is faster because it takes less space to navigate its way on roads and is able to breeze through traffic and bad roads more quickly. It is faster also because it has a higher horsepower engine attached to it than most buses and cars. The speed of motor vehicles is determined by their engines. The power of an engine is measured in cubic centimetres (CC) and a higher CC means greater horsepower.

A subway or metro rail is also a fast option to travel a distance of 40 miles but it should be connected to the place in question. Subway systems are generally not connected to places outside the boundaries of cities. The subways mostly run on electricity and take only a few minutes to travel vast distances within cities. The New York City in the USA and Toronto in Canada are two cities that have the oldest and the most effective subway systems of the world. As a matter of fact, the New York City subway line is more than 200 years old!

The train is also an age-old mode of transportation that is still considered to be very effective to travel. A train is run by an engine and that may be electrical or manual. For taking a journey by train, just like when travelling by the subway system, one has to keep in mind that the destination in question should have a railway track.

Though all the above-mentioned modes of transportation will make me reach my destination but my favourite option is a car and that too my personal car. Not only do I have the choice to stop wherever I feel like when I'm driving the car, I can also adjust my speed if required. No doubt I might encounter road blocks, traffic jams and bad roads but my car is the most comfortable mode of transportation for me and, I would want to depend on my driving skills to reach a place 40 miles from my home.