Registration TOEFL

What are the Means of TOEFL Registration

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is designed to test a candidate's English-language proficiency which is required to perform well in universities and colleges. The test is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Before registering for the TOEFL, collect information about your preferred institution's score needs and application deadlines. This is important because you need your scores in time to apply for the preferred institutions. To ensure the test is scheduled at your preferred location and time, register as early as possible. As you start your planning for registration, TOEFL official website is the first site that you should visit. Read and understand the policies and conditions prescribed in the current TOEFL test bulletin. TOEFL is available in two formats: Internet-based Test and Paper-based Test; shortly known as iBT and PBT respectively. There are separate bulletins for the iBT and PBT.

Registration Methods

There are four methods for registration TOEFL: online registration, telephone registration, mail registration, and registration at a TOEFL iBT Resource Center.Online registration is the easiest and the most convenient method. Telephone registration is not available for the PBT. If you are a test-taker with a disability condition or if you have a health issue which requires special arrangement, mail registration is the only option available.

  • Online Registration

    Online registration TOEFL is available 24/7. Payment is accepted through credit card or debit card. Voucher acquired from resellers and from the TOEFL iBT Resource Center can also be used to make payments. Domestic account holders of United States can use electronic check to make payments. Carefully refer to the payment policy (see pages 7-8 in the 2011-2012 TOEFL Information and Registration Bulletin) before making any payment

    Create your profile in advance so that your registration TOEFL will be complete in a few steps. For security reasons, you are not expected to use the browser's back button, type special characters, and to double click on the buttons while registering online.

  • Telephone Registration

    Before registering by phone, go through the application form which is available on the official website ( Spell your name correctly. Be prepared to provide the required codes. Payment methods that are applicable for online registration are also applicable for telephone registration.

  • Mail Registration

    If you want to register by mail, download and fill in the form from the official website ( Go through the provided information and select a suitable payment method. Send the filled form along with the payment to the address printed on the form or to the appropriate regional center. Fill in the required codes correctly: institution code, regional registration center code, department code, country and region code, and native language code. Your application should reach the destination four weeks earlier than the preferred test date.

  • TOEFL iBT Resource Center Registration

    In certain locations, the TOEFL iBT Resource Centers and voucher sellers are available. They sell vouchers in local currency and test-takers are permitted to register in person there. If you prefer, you can purchase the voucher and using it for registration TOEFL online or by phone.

Key Points to Remember

The following conditions apply to all the methods mentioned above; if there are any exceptions, they will be indicated.

  • The name provided while registering should match with identification document which you intend to bring to the test center.

  • Registrations will close seven days before the test date. The test day has to be excluded from the counting of seven days in case of the telephone registration; however, excluding the test day from the counting of seven days does not apply to the online registration, mail registration, and TOEFL iBT Resource Center registration.

  • Once the regular registration TOEFL is closed, late registration begins. The test-taker has to pay an additional fee of 35 USD. Late registration closes three days before the test day. In case of online registration TOEFL, the test day has to be excluded from the counting of three days. Late registration by telephone is not allowed after five PM on the business day before the test as per the local test center time.

  • Walk-in registration is not permitted

  • The fee for iBT is between 160-250 USD depending on your location. For PBT the fee is 160 USD.

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