Register For TOEFL

Step-By-Step TOEFL Registration Guide

If you have decided to take the TOEFL, then you need to register for the test. You can register online, by phone or by mail. You need to select your test center and date and make the payment of the fees.

Different Methods to Register for TOEFL:

  1. Online:

    You can signup online. This facility is available on all days, at all times. Payment is to be made by a credit or debit card, e-check or a registration voucher. It is safer to check which form of payment is accepted just before you begin to register online, as there may be changes in the payment modes without prior notice.

  2. By Phone:

    You can register by phone in the USA and Canada by calling 1-800-468-6335 or 1-443-751-4862. For other test centers, you will have to use the number of the local registration center. You can get the number at this link: .

  3. By Mail:

    You can book the test by mail by first downloading the registration form from the website. You have to send the completed form to the address on the form. You can also send it to the address of your regional test center as given at the following link:

Step-by-Step TOEFL Registration Guide

Step 1: Check Your Test Center

Go to the official website and look through the list of test centers. Decide on the one that suits you best. Keep in mind that the entire test is conducted on a single day.

Step 2: Check Test Dates

Select an appropriate date for the test. Keep in mind the requirements of the institutions you want to apply to while choosing a test date. You should also consider how much time you need for preparation. The link you can use to check test dates and centers is: .

Step 3: Check the Last Date for Registration

If you are registering online or by phone, then the last date for registration is usually seven days prior to the date of the TOEFL. If you are registering by mail, then your completed form must reach its destination four weeks before the date you have chosen for the test.

Step 4: Make Preparations for the Payment

Make sure that the mode of payment that you plan to use will be accepted. Check the list of accepted credit/debit cards or consider getting a registration voucher.

Step 5: Check Your Identification

Make sure that the identification you plan to use on the day of the test will be accepted. You can check with your test center if you are not sure. The name that you give during the registration process must be exactly the same as that on the identification. If there is any discrepancy, you may not be allowed to take the test.

Step 6: Do You Require Special Accommodations?

If you need special accommodations, you can apply for them. You can find out from the official website what accommodations are offered. If you are in any doubt, you can confirm by asking ETS Disability Services.

Step 7: Register for the TOEFL:

Once these initial steps are completed, select the method of registration you prefer and register for the TOEFL.

Step 8: Change of Registration:

If you want to change the date of your test, you can make the payment ($60) and make the request online or by phone. For online change in registration, visit the following link:

For registration change by phone in the USA or Canada, you can call on 1-443-751-4862 or 1-800-468-6335. For other locations, use the number of your regional registration center. The last date for changing your test registration is three days before your test date. This excludes the day you make the request and your original test date.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to complete your registration for TOEFL without much trouble.