Preparing for TOEFL

How to Prepare for TOEFL Test?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a test that evaluates English language proficiency of non-native English speaking students. You are expected to show your English language skills in this test. TOEFL, in a way decides the fate of your admission. Even though you may be sound on the technical front, it requires you to be proficient in English when you study in an English-speaking nation. TOEFL is a test that certifies your proficiency level in the English language. The TOEFL is administered for a total score that is scaled between 0 and 120 points. Surprisingly, in TOEFL, every student will receive a score without being distinguished as pass or fail. You receive a score no matter how you have performed in the test. Scaled scores ranging between 88 and 120 points are considered high and good.

Before You Start Your Prep

It is very important that you know certain aspects pertaining to this test before you start preparing for TOEFL exam. Preparing for TOEFL is quite different when compared to other conventional tests. Tests like SAT have prescribed syllabus but it is not the case with the TOEFL. TOEFL is purely a language proficiency test. TOEFL consists of four sections. They are the Listening, Reading, Writing and the Speaking sections. All the four sections are designed so as to test your abilities in all the vital aspects pertaining to the English language. For other conventional exams, it is quite possible that you can prepare for the test all by yourself but doing the same for TOEFL is often not advised. Commonly, it is advised that you join any particular institute that provides you with abundant preparation materials.

How to Prepare for TOEFL Test?

Your TOEFL preparation must be characterized by intense concentration and will power because mastering an alien language is quite difficult. If you aim at scoring exceptionally high, then you must put in a great deal of concentrated effort while preparing for TOEFL. Socializing also plays quite an important role in making you learn the nuances of the English language. When you attend an institute for preparing for TOEFL, then you will be among a peer group in which all the students are striving for improving their language skills. In such an environment, you will have a great chance of improving your language skills by speaking and listening. Moreover, in such a circle, you will be a bit more conscious to speak well and in this process, you will sub-consciously strive hard to excel in the English language. Therefore, preparing for TOEFL is not just reading the materials and learning the theory by heart. It is much more than that.

The Best Method of TOEFL Preparation

The best method of preparing for TOEFL is to join an institute and get trained. At a coaching institute, you can prepare from the exam point of view. You will have the chance of taking simulated and invigilated tests that will enable you to clearly understand the environment of the real exam. However, you can also prepare by yourself through studying books, magazines, novels and newspapers. You must use a dictionary in order to understand the language usage in a much better way.

Each of the four TOEFL test sections requires a considerable amount of concentration and effort. All the sections of the test are more than they seem to be. In the Writing section, you are not only expected to show your writing skills but also must write the essay with abstraction in your expression. Likewise, the Reading section will contain texts that require you to logically interpret the idea of the author and then answer the given questions accordingly. Hence, preparing for TOEFL not only means improving your language skills but also expressing your thoughts with abstraction.

No matter what preparation mode you choose for preparing for TOEFL, make sure that you use up all the free preparation resources like the free practice questions, exam tips etc which are available on the official ETS website. Practicing those questions will help you clearly understand the nature of the question types asked in TOEFL. So, choose the prep mode that you are comfortable with and prepare well for the TOEFL.

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