Prepare for TOEFL

How to Use the Internet to Prepare for TOEFL

In this day and age, you can do almost anything with the help of a computer and an internet connection. This leads us to conclude that preparing for tests with the help of the internet is also not a difficult task. Talking in context of TOEFL, it is quite easy to prepare TOEFL using internet resources. It makes all the more sense to prepare via internet if you are appearing for iBT TOEFL as the test itself is internet based.

Step 1: Familiarising yourself with the Test Pattern

One website that you will be required to consult very often while you plan for TOEFL is the official website of TOEFL. Here you will find all relevant information that you need to prepare for the test. ETS has provided detailed information about TOEFL PBT as well as TOEFL iBT. Visit to learn about the structure of  iBT test and visit to learn about the structure of PBT test. Understanding the pattern of any standardized test is important for preparing well for that test.

Step 2: Take a Mock Test

Taking a mock test is an elementary step in preparation. Doing so will get you acquainted with your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your English language skills. Knowing your initial position is important when you learn for TOEFL or for any other test. You can effectively focus on improving in areas you are weak in while maintaining your strengths. There are a lot of websites that let you take mock tests for free. Some of these websites are:

Step 3: Practice Materials

The next step is to start your actual preparation. For TOEFL preparation, practicing sample tests is the most important part of the process. In addition to this, you can access teaching blogs that give free tips and guidance on how you should approach the exam.

  • One very renowned teaching blog is the TOEFL Blog ( The owner of this blog has provided a wealth of free lessons that aim at helping you understand how you should attempt the test.
  • ETS has also specified ways and means to improve your English skills. You can find these at - For sample tests, access the free ETS materials that you obtain on registering for the test.
  • Another site with free reading and listening materials is -
  • Jumbo Tests is a site that students frequent to access preparation materials for most standardised tests. They also make available free prep materials for TOEFL, the link to which is -

Step 4: Incorporating Use of English in Everyday Life

Just solving practice tests won't make sure you score high marks. If you want to improve your overall English skills as well as study for TOEFL, it is important to incorporate the use of English in your everyday life. Try and converse with your friends in English as often as you can. Watching English movies is an interesting way to develop skills as well as enjoy oneself. Reading newspapers, magazines, books and journals printed in English would also help your overall understanding of the language.

Step 5: Reviewing Preparation

Make sure you take a mock test every week so as review your progress. This is a very important part of preparation as it will help you to modify your preparation and tailor it as required.

In addition to the above, try visiting TOEFL forums and interacting with other students who are preparing for the test. Talking to other people who are doing the same things as you always helps.