7 Tips to Pass TOEFL with Good Scores

Everyone attempting TOEFL wants to pass the test with a high score. A high score in TOEFL is possible if you follow a few easy tips. The following tips will help you to clear the TOEFL with a good score.

1. Preparation

Preparation is the most important factor that contributes to a high score in TOEFL. It is not enough if you pass in the test, you need to get a high score if you want to join a good university. Decide on the way you want to prepare for the test. There are many options available. Choose the option that is best suited for you. Draft a study schedule and adhere to it. If you prepare thoroughly, a high score in TOEFL is very easy to achieve.

2. Test Schedule

Decide on when and where you want to take up the test and register for the test as early as possible. After registration, you can concentrate completely on preparing for the test and you do not have to worry about the availability of the test date. Decide on how you will reach the test center on the test date and schedule it such that you reach the center at least 45 minutes early. This will help you to relax your mind before the test.

3. English Language Skills

TOEFL tests your skills in the English language. The best way to clear TOEFL with high scores is to improve your English language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. This can be done by changing some of your practices. Start speaking only in English with friends and family. This will improve your speaking skills. Start reading English newspapers and books. This will increase your vocabulary in English and the understanding. Watch English movies and news. This will make your listening skills sharper and better. When you try to converse in English, do not think in your mother tongue and translate that into English. Think in English and speak in English. You can also prepare flash cards and improve your vocabulary.

4. Practice Tests

Try to solve as many practice TOEFL tests as possible. This will definitely improve your scores. Time all your tests. When you do these tests, you will get a feel of how a real test would be and this will help you to manage your time better. You can also practice individual sections of the test before you take up the full-length test. This will help you to concentrate on each section first.

Note-taking is allowed in this test. Start practicing for it from the beginning, as you may not be able to take notes on the test day for the first time. For each of the section, take notes and check if the notes you have taken are useful in answering the questions. This way, you can improve your note taking ability.

5. Review and Learn From Mistakes

After each practice test, review your answers and analyze where you have gone wrong. Check the section you are weak at. Start practicing more for the weaker sections. This will definitely help you to clear the test with a higher score.

6. Use of Computers

If you are taking the TOEFL iBT, you will have to use a computer for the whole TOEFL test, and so get familiar with the use of computers. Increase your typing speeds as this will save time when you are doing your Writing section.

7. Relax

After all the efforts you have put to get a good TOEFL score, if your mind is not relaxed, you will not be able to get a high score in the test. Practice to relax your mind. Get a good night's sleep before the exam day. If you are under stress, do some stress relieving exercises or practice meditation. A calm mind will help you clear the test with a good score.