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Salient Features of Pearson Longman IBT TOEFL Preparation

Pearson Longman iBT TOEFL Course

In collaboration with the Education Testing Service, (ETS, the organization responsible for administering TOEFL), Pearson Longman brings a unique range of iBT TOEFL preparation books to help you train for the test. Longman preparatory books have dedicated efforts and interests in educating test takers more about the TOEFL exam. These books provide you information and recommendation about the basic skills and strategies that you should know in order to ace the test. These preparatory books have certain test based aims to fulfill in the test taker's preparation period. They are:

  • Building and solidifying English language skills and proficiency in the test takers.

  • Provide interesting and useful strategies and tips to facilitate the test takers zeal for taking the test.

  • Assisting test takers to develop their test taking strategies and schemes of taking TOEFL in the computer-based format.

  • Providing practice tests designed by the ETS.

  • Harboring the test takers basic interpretive, hearing, writing and speaking skills.

What are Some Prominent Aspects of Pearson Longman's TOEFL iBT Prep?

Longman preparation courses of iBT TOEFL lead you into the core of TOEFL and help you cope up with your doubts and uncertainties related to the test. The courses or the preparation books and resources offer you authorized course tips and skills which let you comprehend the basic structure, aim and importance of the test. In addition, you can know about trustful techniques which are essential to computer-based test taking. Along with these features, Longman course has the duty to generate some important skills in test takers that are vital for success in TOEFL. They are:

  • Generate Interpretative Power: The Pearson Longman preparation courses of TOEFL help the test takers in mending their reading and listening powers. They provide aid in enhancing the test takers perceptive and inferring abilities.

  • Generate Scooping Power: TOEFL contains several passage based questions, essay-type questions, which the test takers have to finish off within a limited time. In order to utilize time in the best possible way, Longman courses make the test takers capable to quickly identify the main ideas of the passage and start answering instantly.

  • Generate summarizing ability: In the essay responses the test taker must be able to bring out the synopsis and summary from certain essay prompts or strings of arguments. Test takers can improve their ability to quickly shorten up his summarizing capacity if he chooses to study under Pearson's.

There are several other aims and goals that Pearson Longman aspires to achieve when it comes to preparing test takers. They do it by their comprehensive study books which have been discussed in the following headings.

Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL® Test: iBT-Second Edition

As apparent from its name, this is the second edition of the previous Longman courses for iBT TOEFL test taking. The added feature in this book is the all new 'send' option, which allows you to type in your essay responses and speech and send them to the Pearson Longman online TOEFL experts for evaluation. Other features include practice questions for all four test sections namely Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading. You will also receive eight practice tests, test taking tips and skills, self-evaluation tools and much more. Find out all about this book at http://www.pearsonlongman.com/ae/marketing/toeflibt/prepcourse_ibt.html.

Longman Introductory Course for the TOEFL® Test: iBT

This Longman book sheds light on each section of TOEFL, dealing with the test content and syllabus of each section and providing you two full practice tests. It contains three separate appendixes to clear off some basic errors in TOEFL grammar. This Longman preparation book also provides diagnostic tests before each test section. It bases its teaching methodology in connecting your test taking skills with the requirements of the test questions. Finally, it also helps you in understanding the scoring patterns of TOEFL. Read all about it in http://www.pearsonlongman.com/ae/marketing/toeflibt/prepcourse_toc.html

These books are available at all general bookstores and even at the online bookstores like Amazon.com