IBT TOEFL Registration

iBT Registration Options

TOEFL is a standardised test conducted to assess the competence of an individual in English language. The Internet-based test is called iBT and the paper-based is called PBT. The test results are used mainly for academic purposes. This test has four sections that aim to assess the abilities of the test-taker in various aspects of the English language and they are: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Both the modules of TOEFL have different registration formats. As for registration, it can be done in four ways. The four different procedures are discussed here under:

Online Registration

Online registration is made available to the candidates at all hours until a week before the test. Candidates need to fill up the online form and procure their payment vouchers for registration. The payment vouchers can be procured from Resellers or from the Resource Centres that are available for registration of iBT.

Points to consider while registering online for iBT:

  • Candidates need to remember that the modes of payment are monitored by the ETS and can be changed without any notification. Every candidate should check for the current status regarding the payments for registration at the links given below.

  • He/she should also double-check the spellings of their name before filling up the online forms as name corrections can be a tedious job after the procedure is complete. Candidates may also not be allowed to enter the test centres if their names do not match with their identity cards that were used for filling up the registration details.

  • A methodical process needs to be followed for the registration and a step-by-step method is explained on the TOEFL website, to ensure that all candidates complete the process properly.

List of important links the can be useful for online iBT registration:

For the details of resellers for vouchers and TOEFL centres, visit the link: http://www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/register/.

For payment details, visit the website: www.ets.org. This is the official website of iBT TOEFL.

To follow a methodical process for this purpose, visit the link: http://www.ets.org/Media/Tests/TOEFL/pdf/4677_TOEFL_Reg_Guide.pdf.

Registration by Phone

For registration by phone, candidates should procure the form for registration. The form is available from the link that has been given below. There are different phone numbers for different regions to register for the iBT TOEFL. These numbers are available on the official website, at the link mentioned below. The numbers for the USA and Canada are 1-800-468-6335/ 1-443-751-4862.

List of important links the can be useful for iBT registration by phone:

Link to download the forms: http://www.ets.org/s/toefl/pdf/iBT_reg_form.pdf.

Link to procure the region-wise phone numbers for registration: http://www.ets.org/s/toefl/pdf/toefl_ibt_rrcs_11-12.pdf.

iBT Registration by Mail

For the registration by mail, candidates should download the form from the official website (www.ets.org). Every form requires a code that needs to be filled before dispatching the form by mail. These codes are available at the website itself and candidates should methodically fill up the codes, the personal details, and other specifications as required in the form.

Points to consider while registering for iBT by mail:

  • The details mentioned above, should be double-checked before sending the form to the testing authorities.
  • The form should be sent much in advance, as it needs to reach the regional centre for processing, a month before the test.
  • Once the form is dispatched, candidates should inquire about its status and confirm its receipt from their respective TOEFL centres.
  • The details of the various options provided for modes of payment like bank cheques, drafts etc are available in the form itself.

List of important links that can be useful for iBT registration by mail:

The link for downloading the form for this purpose is: http://www.ets.org/s/toefl/pdf/iBT_reg_form.pdf.

Link to procure the registration codes: http://www.ets.org/toefl/ibt/register/codes.

In-person Registration for iBT TOEFL

To register for iBT in-person, candidates need to visit a Resource Centre or get the registration vouchers from the Voucher Resellers of TOEFL. These are the same vouchers that can also be used for the other methods. In-person registration should be done at least a week before the test so that there is enough time remaining for the test centres to register the details of the candidates. Last minute registration can get erroneous and can thus cause undue problems on the day of the test.

Proper registration is like winning half the battle for important tests like TOEFL. This is because; all the preparation will be useless if problems due to faulty registration occur on the test day. These problems may or may not get resolved, but in any case will leave the candidates harassed and take their focus away from the test, which is something that no candidate would want.