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Where Can You Find Free Downloads for toefl Preparation

Internet is a treasure house of information in terms of free download TOEFL. Websites provide TOEFL prep materials such as practice tests, tips and tricks, and vocabulary. While talking about free web resources, you should also remember that information might be outdated and everything will not be reliable and genuine. This does not mean that you should not use free download TOEFL resources; but carefully use them with your own discretion. There are not so many free download TOEFL resources for TOEFL PBT because TOEFL iBT is gradually replacing TOEFL PBT. Finally, free web resources will not be sufficient to obtain high scores in TOEFL; also use official prep materials.

Free Official Prep Materials

TOEFL is administered and offered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Keep visiting ETS's website regularly for up-to-date information and for free download TOEFL materials. You will find the following prep materials on ETS's website:

  • ETS provides free download TOEFL sample questions. The sample questions are in an executable file. You should install that file on your computer for viewing the questions. The program works well on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

  • ETS provides a comprehensive guide in PDF format to TOEFL structure, pattern, question types, and scoring process. You must read this guide and plan your preparation. ETS has put a flash video on the website that introduces you to the TOEFL test resources. ETS provides sample questions separately for the TOEFL PBT. Answers are clearly explained and some practice questions are given. If you are taking the TOEFL PBT, you must read this section of the website along with the TOEFL tips guide.

  • Another excellent free download TOEFL video resource is TOEFL TV on YouTube. This channel is managed and maintained by ETS.

To access the resources mentioned above, go to this URL and look for the appropriate links:

TOEFL Practice Tests

Use free download TOEFL tests to measure your level of confidence, level of English-language proficiency, and your level of preparedness for taking TOEFL. Please note that most of the tests which are freely available will not give you complete simulation of the real TOEFL format. To overcome this problem, use prep materials provided by ETS.


    This website contains many tips and practice tests for many English-language tests including TOEFL. The following link takes you to the main page of the TOEFL section:

  • TestMagic

    All practice tests that are present on this website are not relevant in terms of the present TOEFL format. However, use the tests on this website to improve your grammar and analytical skills for TOEFL. Feedback will be provided after the completion of a test. Hereis the link:


    This website contains three practice tests. If you are lucky, you will have the chance to join an online course free of cost, and will have a chance to win an iPod. Speaking and writing questions are not graded. Access link:


    Sample questions from every section of the TOEFL test are available on this website. Visit this URL to access the questions:


    Refer to this website if you are preparing for TOEFL PBT. These webpages include key grammar topic reviews for TOEFL PBT. Questions are answered with explanations. Visit this URL to access the website:

Vocabulary Sources

Although TOEFL iBT or TOEFL PBT do not test your vocabulary directly, rich vocabulary is required for answering the questions confidently and correctly.

  • Lexile Reading

    In order to test and develop your reading and comprehending abilities, visit this page which is exclusively designed for TOEFL. Provide your TOEFL iBT reading score and you will receive suggested book lists on the basis of your score. If your TOEFL iBT score is low, you have to read some difficult books to improve your comprehending ability. Note that you merely receive book lists; you have to purchase those books and read them. Before using that website, read and understand the document entitled what does the Lexile measure mean? This document provides details about how your reading ability is measured on the basis of your TOEFL iBT score. Visit this URL for more information:


    This webpage has information about TOEFL vocabulary, English word roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Access this website by visiting this URL:


    Test your knowledge of vocabulary for TOEFL by taking tests on this website. Tests are divided as quick tests, medium tests and thorough tests. URL:

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