Cambridge TOEFL

Why Should You Opt for TOEFL Prep by Cambridge?

Developed, administered, and scored by ETS, TOEFL is one of the most widely accepted tests of English skills for academic purposes, that have been recognized by most US colleges and universities. As more institutions around the globe have started accepting standard proficiency exams like TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge ESOL these days, the tests are turning more global and are attracting an increasing number of test-takers across various countries. A number of preparation courses and materials are now available around the globe for all of these exams. Books and other English resources from Cambridge that can help in the test preparation are classic instances of this increasingly universal nature of English proficiency tests.

Cambridge - What Do They Do?

Cambridge is a big name in the field of English language teaching, research, and proficiency examinations. Cambridge ESOL is an expert in language assessment and is partner to IELTS, one of the popular English exams around the globe. It conducts the prestigious certificate examinations of CPE, CELTA, and BULATS. Cambridge University Press has an impressive range of popular titles and online resources on English language teaching, learning, and assessment preparation.

Resources from Cambridge include books, CDs, and special audio programs. In addition, many other general English titles from the Cambridge press and the Cambridge ESOL exam resources could prove to be excellent materials for TOEFL-takers, as they extensively cover all the required areas of testing. Considering the Cambridge expertise and experience in English language, Cambridge resources could prove to be an asset for test-takers as they prepare for the exam and for higher studies in foreign countries.

Listed below are a few of the Cambridge resources that could help the TOEFL test-takers:

Cambridge Books for TOEFL Preparation

Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test is a book from Cambridge University Press and is considered one of the most popular titles for TOEFL training. It employs the integrated skills method of TOEFL iBT and is suitable for classroom-based teaching as well as self-study. The book is specially prepared to meet the changed format and requirements of the test. The special features of this title include:

  • It helps test-takers acquire the required language skills for academic usage.

  • It contains over 100 skill-building exercises encompassing different question types of the exam and includes four practice exams.

  • It also includes a diagnostic test, which could give the test-takers a real-picture of where they stand in their test preparations.

  • The Building Supporting Skills section of the book has resources on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation areas that might help prospective students perform well, in general.

  • The book is in its fourth and latest edition and previous editions are easily available for purchase.

  • It includes a CD-ROM with a few extra practice tests in electronic format. This interactive CD-ROM has two modes, Practice and Test, to enable preparation and allow practice under simulated conditions. The CD-ROM can be purchased separately, as well.

  • An audio program of this preparation title is also available from Cambridge University Press. The content of the program includes lectures, conversations in a variety of native accents, and materials for listening exercises and questions.

Other Cambridge English Resources

The University of Cambridge ESOL is an accomplished leader in English language assessment - doing benchmarking, test production, test delivery, and research and improvement for a number of globally accepted English exams. They have a separate web section for exam preparation ( dedicated to a variety of preparation and practice materials focusing on various aspects of English language testing. Some of these online materials could be available free, while others need to be purchased. Though not categorized under study materials for this test, these might be useful for exam-takers.

Cambridge ESOL also has an online catalog of available ESOL titles from a variety of publishers ( Some of these titles might be useful for improving the English language communication skills for TOEFL.

Cambridge University Press, the publishing division of Cambridge, has quite a good number of English resources available for different purposes. Many of these titles are considered to be the best in their fields and are widely read and used across the globe by students, academicians, and test-takers. The press has a global presence, so that books can be purchased locally, and also online. ( They have a variety of language initiatives (online and offline) that can be used by English enthusiasts around the globe, including the TOEFL-takers: