Boston TOEFL

TOEFL Preparation Options in Boston

Boston TOEFL

There are many TOEFL test prep centers in the Boston area. Boston has many upcoming TOEFL preparation classes because of the number of students who appear for TOEFL every year from Boston. There are many kinds of TOEFL preparation classes which offer a variety of services to students. Let us look at some of the Boston TOEFL classes.

Boston TOEFL Classes

  • English Language Centers (EC): EC is an upcoming Boston TOEFL class. It offers myriad services including a surety of a marked increase in grades for students who enroll with them. Their course duration is 4-8 weeks depending on the kind of classes that you have enrolled for. During the initial lessons, the instructors make it a point to meet students to determine their baseline score and how much the student needs to improve. Individual goals are set and then students are given the facility to track their progress. So far EC has had an impressive success rate. Look at some of the testimonials on their website:

  • Boston International Academy (BIA): This is a place for all those students who wish to improve their skills in basic English. BIA specializes in English language training for all purposes. They have separate programs for students of all levels. TOEFL preparation is a part of their curriculum that they teach apart from these other programs. But since TOEFL is a test of English, this Boston TOEFL class is very popular as they are essentially an English language training academy. The cost factor at BIA is very low since they are purely committed to the field of education. This is the link to their website:

  • GEOS Language Institute Boston: The course objective of GEOS is to increase the scores of the students, teach the basic concepts and test taking techniques to the students and to improve their competence in the 4 main fields of English language; speaking, listening, reading and writing. GEOS Boston TOEFL class is very popular among the students since it also indulges them in weekly quizzes and games to keep them motivated towards the preparation for TOEFL. The strength of their class is as small as 14 or less. They have enrollments every week in order to accommodate students as conveniently as possible. They also have very experienced and knowledgeable personnel who take up queries from students and help them overcome basic hurdles during their preparation. Here is the link to their website:

  • Boston Academy of English (BAE): At BAE their motto is 'Learn English, Live English', and they are true to their motto. They believe in holistic learning. They bridge the gap between your generalized knowledge of English and turn it into that which is required to get good scores in the TOEFL exam. They bring forth various strategies that are required for taking the TOEFL test successfully. They have a step-by-step procedure on how to approach the TOEFL exam. They also have a specialized corner for understanding the changing terms of the TOEFL exam. This is certainly a good Boston TOEFL class to consider. To know more about BAE click on the following link:

How to Select the Right Boston TOEFL Class for Yourself

  • See to it that the classes are not too far away from where you stay. The distance might tire you out.

  • Attend a few mock sessions for most of the above classes before you decide on which class to settle for.

  • While attending mock sessions, look for techniques of teaching. See if a particular teaching technique appeals to you or not.

  • Enroll in only one of the above classes. Enrolling in more than one will only lead in confusion.

  • Ask for help from your teachers and instructors at school, since they will have better experience and say about Boston TOEFL classes.

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