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How to Select Books for TOEFL

TOEFL Prep Books:

TOEFL is a standardized and popular exam among test takers around the globe, who are seeking admission in Universities located in the English speaking countries. It is recommended that you prepare well for TOEFL to get a high score. There are certain books for TOEFL that you can use for a solid preparation. These books for TOEFL guide you through the different test sections and also let you be aware of the test format. You can work out various test questions and sample tests from these books in order to sharpen your knowledge about the test. Often, you may not have the time and money to enroll for TOEFL prep courses. Hence, in such cases, the prep books for TOEFL are the best alternative.

How to Select the Prep Books?

There are certain components and features that you must consider before selecting your books for TOEFL. Let us discuss a handful of such features:

  • The prep books must have detailed information about the TOEFL sections and contain enough study resources to facilitate your learning.

  • The prep books should preferably contain a CD-ROM for the Listening and Speaking sections of TOEFL. This CD-ROM would carry the lectures or classroom discussions based on which you will solve questions of Listening section. In addition, the CD-ROM should contain lectures required for Writing section and also software which records and replays your speech for the Speaking measure.

  • Books for TOEFL should be priced reasonably. While selecting the TOEFL books, you must check for the price as you cannot afford to pay a fortune for a prep book. However, in case the price is exorbitant, you can alternatively shift to the kindle or the e-book version of this book.

  • The prep books for TOEFL should contain enough exercises for each TOEFL section. This is a mandatory feature as it is only through practice that you can aspire to score well in TOEFL.

After discussing the features of the prep books let us now discuss some of the best books for TOEFL:

Cracking the TOEFL:

Princeton Review has been a famous publisher for TOEFL prep books. Cracking the TOEFL brings you an in-depth study of the test and elaborate discussion about the test content. It comes with a CD-ROM that helps in simulating the exact test atmosphere when you are solving the inclusive sample papers. You get to have answer keys and practice tests too from this book, which is set at $23.20 in its paperback edition. Check it out at

Kaplan TOEFL iBT:

Kaplan has been generating successful TOEFL test takers over a decade and will continue doing so in future. Kaplan TOEFL iBT contains all characteristics and ingredients required to explain the TOEFL iBT test. It also contains a CD-ROM, with the lecture and discussion files in multiple formats to facilitate your computer’s configuration. It comes at a reasonable price of $21.35 and has four complete sample tests. Check it out at

Official Guide to TOEFL:

Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test, Third Edition is published by the Educational Testing Service (ETS: responsible for conducting TOEFL) and is one of the authentic TOEFL prep books. The paperback edition costs $15 while the Kindle edition comes for $29.95. In the Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test, Third Edition you will get loads of test questions and sample questions, tips and strategies to approach the test questions and two full length sample tests. This prep book is considered as the most dependable study aid as it comes from the creators of TOEFL. Find out everything at

Barron's TOEFL Super-pack:

Books for TEOFL must be comprehensive and that is exactly what the Barron’s TOEFL Super-pack has to offer. Though it is a bit expensive than the above mentioned books, the utility that you receive makes the cost worthy. It offers you seven full-length TOEFL test papers, a current TOEFL sample test, answer keys, thousands of practice questions, instructions to solve any type of TOEFL test questions and many more. The price is marked at $34.53 in paperback. Learn more about this book at

The above mentioned books for TOEFL help and assist you in making your concepts clear about the test and its content. Through the information carried by these books, you learn a lot about the types of TOEFL questions and tasks given in the test. However, as you are not guided by prep tutors or TOEFL experts, it is up to you to disciple yourself and practice for TOEFL. Good Luck!

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