Average TOEFL Scores

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Average TOEFL Scores

It has been observed that different colleges and institutes follow different criterion for the selection of the students based on TOEFL score. While some colleges and institutes prefer to keep TOEFL score as a part of the deciding factor for admission, there are other colleges that follow the policy of minimum TOEFL score as a basic qualification for admission and then use other factors for deciding the final list of students. Many colleges use the undergraduate CGPA or conduct interviews and group discussions for the purpose of judging students. Also there is a difference of opinion among institutes and colleges about using total TOEFL score or section wise score. While some colleges have only minimum total TOEFL score, others have minimum marks for each section along with the total minimum marks. These institutes do not accept weakness in any of the four skills required to know a language. Thus study of average TOEFL scores for all the institutes in general will not be possible. The minimum marks required for admission have been declared by most of the institutes on their web sites or in the admission forms. While some institutes use the comparison chart provided by ETS others have separately specified the minimum marks for iBT and PBT. Your TOEFL score may also be used by some employers in English speaking countries before employing you. But there again it is minimum TOEFL score that takes importance over average TOEFL scores. There are some institutes which have specified a minimum requirement of the TOEFL score and also a preferred TOEFL score which is much higher than the minimum requirement.

So it is clear that most colleges do not specify the average TOEFL scores required for the admission as it is not relevant to the admission procedure. But what is relevant here is the minimum TOEFL score that is required by you to get admission in a college. The minimum score are likely to be different for different institutes. You should find out the minimum score required by the college you wish to join and then prepare accordingly. Most of the good institutes display summaries of the admissions to their institute of the last few years on their respective web sites. These summaries also have details of average TOEFL scores of students who got admissions in these institutes. It will be helpful to go through the previous year’s admission results’ summary to find out about the average TOEFL scores of students who got admission in the institute.

The information about average TOEFL scores of various institutes will only be useful if TOEFL score is part of the total marks for deciding the merit of students for admission. However if only minimum score is required as part of admission, the information may not be of much help. TOEFL score individually or with other reports is required by many universities as a part of eligibility criteria for admission in these institutes. In such circumstances you should focus on the minimum TOEFL score required by your institute or college and not the average TOEFL scores.

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