TOEFL Test Preparation

When it is a new language it’s tough in the beginning but not an impossible task to master it. Practice makes the man perfect, the same implies to language learning also. Just learning a language is easy but mastering it is hard. In the TOEFL exam you have to be perfect in the language to get a good score. The TOEFL test has three sections of Listening, Grammar and the Reading Section.

The TOEFL test taker should prepare for each section in a different way. For effective preparation read on

Listening section

Practice the language as much as possible. Talk to people around you in English only. Try attending seminars and lecture sessions given by American speakers. Spend time listening to American English news channels like CNN etc. There are thousands of tapes with the use of American speakers giving away useful lectures. Try buying them and listening to them. Use guides to improve yourself. Most of the books that are required for TOEFL test preparation are available online itself. Search for suitable books in Work hard on your spoken language to improve your overall language know-how.

Grammar section

There are about 20-25 questions in this section of TOEFL and about 15 minutes are allotted to cover this section. One needs to do a lot of grammar exercises to master this section. You can refer books and many other online web sites that can help you out. When reading a sentence make sure you give importance to its structure rather than just reading it.

Reading section

About 90 minutes are given to complete 55 questions in all. Only practice can make you perfect in this section. The best form of preparation for this section can be done with extensive reading. Thus, you should read about anything and everything you can. Try reading material from different sections like from novels to daily newspapers to educational books. The TOEFL test makers have a diverse way of framing questions. Just a glance through the dictionary is not all that enough but reading books and understanding the meaning of the words used is very important.

Essay section

Only one question is asked and 30 minutes are allotted for the same. One essay is to be written on the given topic. The essay section comprises of all the practice methods you have used in the previous sections. The essay written should be properly punctuated. Try writing one essay every day on a random topic. Compare your writing skills each day to know how well you have improved. Always ask another person to read your essays and comment on the same. Make sure you complete your essay within the time span of 30 minutes.

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