THEA Test Scores

Breakdown of THEA Scores and their Significance

The THEA, Texas Higher Education Assessment test is a mandatory test that is taken by all those Texan school children who have planned to enter any college or university across the state of Texas. It is a standardized test that can be taken as a paper-based Quick test or a computer-based Internet-based test. Both the formats of this test have the same three sections: Reading, Writing and Mathematics and support the same test pattern. This article contains a lot of relevant information on the THEA test scores and how they are useful in the admission process.

What is the Scoring Pattern of the THEA Test?

As mentioned earlier, there are three sections of the test. Each of these three sections contains multiple-choice based questions, except for the Writing section which also contains an essay prompt. Each of the three sections is scored on a scale from 100 to 300.

In order to pass the Reading and Mathematics sections, you need to score at least 230 points. In case of the Writing section, you need at least 220 points in order to pass the section. Also, remember that in order to pass the full THEA test, you need to pass all three sections of the test. However, if your THEA test scores show that you have not passed in any one of the three sections of this test, you can retake the test and appear for only that particular section.

THEA Test Scores

The THEA test scores are released to you, the test-center where you took the test and the colleges or universities where you are planning to take up your higher education. These scores are sent electronically within two weeks of the test date. If you want, you can request additional reports to be delivered within 4 weeks of the test date, by paying an additional fee. Also note that if you give the THEA test more than one time, all your previous scores will be mentioned on the THEA test report.

The following section explains the breakdown of your THEA test scores:

  • Reading Section Scores: The THEA test scores for this section show whether you have the skill of interpreting written material and text. The scores also demonstrate your ability to infer meaning and understand the perspective of the author.

  • Mathematics Section Scores: The THEA test scores for this section demonstrate your skill in solving word problems, equations and statistics.

  • Writing Section Scores: The THEA test scores in this section of the test elucidate whether you can formulate coherent ideas for a particular topic and whether you can support your own ideas with well-developed and germane examples or not.

Importance of THEA Test Scores

The following points highlight the importance of the THEA test scores:

  • Compulsory Requirement: The THEA test scores are a pre-requisite for entering into any Texan college or university. Without these scores, you will have no chance at any educational course.

  • Importance of High Scores: It is important not only to get the bare minimum passing THEA scores, but also to get scores as high as possible. The higher will be your scores, the more chances would you have to get admission in the college or university of your choice. The reason behind this is that most good colleges and universities have their cut-off THEA scores and grant admissions on the basis of these only.

  • Dual Credit Scores: For courses that offer you dual credit of a high school program and a college program, you need to furnish these THEA test scores.

Hence, it can be concluded that the THEA test scores are very important for you if you want to get an offer from a good college or university based in Texas. For this, you need to strive hard to get the maximum scores possible. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, it is high scores, not the bare minimum scores that help you to enter the educational institution of your own choice. Secondly, every time you take the THEA test, your previous scores will be reflected in your score report, which might not serve in your benefit in case you have scored badly in the earlier attempts. Hence, you must take it as a one-time chance and prepare for the test extensively.

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