THEA Test Review

What to Keep in Mind while Choosing a THEA Study Guide?

Being a Texan school-student, you must be aware of the THEA test, which refers to the Texas Higher Education Assessment Test. This standardized test, which consists of three sections, is taken by students all over Texas who want to enter any college or university after school for pursuing higher education. Giving the test is a pre-requisite for the admissions process; this is because all college and university admission departments look into the THEA scores to compare various applicants on a common platform.

Hence, you cannot afford scoring low in the test. To get into the Texan college or university of your choice, you will have to work very hard to get the best THEA scores that you can manage. The reason is that your admission depends on your THEA scores. For the same reason, study guides are very important for your preparation because they contain a lot of strategies and practice material that can guide one to direct the THEA preparations in the right direction. This article will help you in achieving higher THEA scores as it contains extremely useful information and a complete THEA test review on how to choose the best study guide for your THEA test prep.

Review of THEA Study Guides

There are many study guides available for THEA test prep; however, here you will find the reviews of the best study guides that are available in the market for THEA test prep. So, read the THEA test review for each of these guides and then decide which guide you want to use:

  • Barron's THEA (

    • This book is published by Barron's and is written by authors Janet Elder, Sandra McCune, Nancy J Wright, Andres Taggart and Kathleen Cage Mittag.

    • The list price of this book is 18.99$; however, on purchasing the book at the link mentioned above, the book will cost 11.95$.

    • There are a few important points that constitute the THEA test review for this book. These are mentioned below:

      • In the beginning, it contains a full-length diagnostic test with answer keys. You can take this test to evaluate your score before you actually start the preparation.

      • Detailed subjective reviews are provided in this book regarding each of the three main test sections.

      • At the end, there is one full-length test that is followed by answer keys and detailed explanations for each question.

  • THEA Texas (

    • This THEA study guide is written by authors Ellen Davis Conner, Jocelyn Chadwick-Joshua, George P Parks, Robert Blake Truscott and Clara Wajngurt.

    • The list price of this book is 25.95$; however, by visiting the link mentioned above, you may get it for 17.21$.

    • The important features of the THEA test review for this study guide are:

      • There are different chapters allocated for different sections of the THEA test. In every chapter, there are practice drills aimed at improving your basic concepts.

      • At the end, there are two full-length practice tests that will help you to get a fair idea in determining how well you are faring in your preparation.

  • Official THEA Study Guide (

    • This THEA study guide is prepared and developed by Inc National Evaluation Systems and this is the only official study guide for this test.

    • The price of the book at the above mentioned link is 60.99$.

    • The important points in the THEA test review of this study guide are:

      • This study guide contains a detailed chapter on each of the important skills tested throughout the THEA test.

      • Each chapter contains a number of practice exercises and their answer explanations.

      • At the end of the study guide, there is a full-length practice test that is followed by the answer key and detailed answer explanations.

Important Points to Keep in Mind while Choosing a THEA Study Guide

There are a number of important things that you must keep in mind while choosing a THEA study guide for your test prep. You must go through the THEA test review given below in order to know these things and to be better able to choose an appropriate study guide.

  • Always check the study guides for the amount of content they cover. The best study guide would be the one that contains all appropriate information relating to the THEA test. There are some study guides that contain excess of information or miss out on important points. You must not go in for such THEA study guides.

  • For the same reason, it is very important to go through the THEA test review for each study guide. By going through the review, you can get a fair idea of the contents of the book and also whether the study guide has received positive or negative customer reviews in the past. These reviews would indicate how helpful the guide has been for the test takers who have used them for their test preparations.

  • You must also pay attention to the practice material that the study guides offer in terms of drills and full-length tests. Do not purchase a study guide if it does not contain an appropriate number of tests or drills. There may be many practice questions for each topic. However, you must remember that drills and tests are more important.

Hence, it can be concluded that you need to exercise precaution while choosing a study guide for your THEA test prep. It is recommended that you go through the THEA test review for each study guide mentioned above as well you must conduct your own research for various study guides. Finally, you will be able to decide which study guide you want to use for your THEA test prep.

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