THEA Test Results

Breakdown of THEA Results and their Importance

The THEA test, also known as the Texas Higher Education Assessment test is a compulsory standardized test that is taken by all the school children of Texas, who have decided to pursue their higher education in any college or university based in the state of Texas. There are two formats in which this test can be taken: a paper-based Quick test or a computer-based Internet-based test. Both these formats of this test are quite similar, apart from the medium in which the test is taken through them, and have the same structure. There are three sections in the THEA test: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. This particular article provides a lot of useful and important information on the THEA test results and how these can play a decisive role in your admission process.

What are the THEA Test Results?

As mentioned before, there are three sections in the THEA test. Each one of these three test-sections is composed of multiple-choice based questions, except for the Writing section which also requires you to write an essay on a given essay topic. The responses for each of the three sections are evaluated and scored electronically and there is one mark for each correct question. The total scores are converted into scaled scores that range on a scale from 100 to 300. These are your final THEA test results.

In order to complete the Reading and Mathematics sections successfully, you are required to score a minimum of 230 points out of 300. However, in case of the Writing section, you need to score at least 220 points out of 300 so that you can pass this section. Also, you must remember an important point i.e. only if you pass all three sections of the test, you can pass the full THEA test. In case you fail in any one section, you can retake the test and then only would you be able to pass this test. The second time, however, you may attempt only that section in which you had failed in the first attempt. There is one more thing you must consider i.e. every time you take the THEA test, your previous THEA test results will be reflected on your score report. Hence, you can use the strategy of hit and trial in order to get the desired scores. Additionally, it will be expensive to retake the test as every time you take it you would need to pay a fee of 29$.

THEA Test Results: What do they Tell

The THEA test results are electronically released to you, the test-center where you had taken the test and those Texan colleges or universities in which you are planning to take up your higher education courses. These results are delivered within two weeks of the test date. These THEA test results are, however, not delivered over e-mail, fax or the phone for reasons of confidentiality. If you feel the need to do so later, you can request additional THEA test results that will be delivered within 4 weeks of the actual test date. This can be done by paying 12$ per institution for a simple delivery and 25$ per institution for an emergency delivery within 2 business days.

The following points elaborate how the THEA test results are helpful in determining the extent of your skills:

  1. Reading Section Results: The THEA test results for this section demonstrate whether you can understand the perspective of the writer of a text and deduce all the inferences from the text. Also, you need to show how well are you able to grasp the tone and main purpose of the passages that are given to as a part of the questions in this test-section.

  2. Writing Section Results: The THEA test results in this section of the test demonstrate whether you are well-versed with the rules of Standard English or not. The scores also tell whether you have the ability to formulate cogent essays on a line of thought and can support your views with well-developed and relevant examples or not.

  3. Mathematics Section Results: The THEA test results for this section demonstrate your skill in solving basic mathematical word problems, solving linear and quadratic equations and analyzing and interpreting statistics.

Why are THEA Test Results So Important?

The following points explain why it is so important for you to achieve excellent THEA test results:

  1. The THEA test results are a compulsory requirement that has to be fulfilled by any student who wishes to continue his or her higher education in any Texan college or university. Without the THEA test results, you do not stand a single chance at getting an offer from any educational course.

  2. Merely passing the THEA test is not important. However, what is more important is attaining higher scores and excellent THEA test results. The reason for this preference is that most of the good educational institutions have a minimum score cut-off below which they do not accept any score regardless of what the passing scores are.

Finally, it can be summarized that the THEA test results are very crucial for you to achieve if you want to continue your higher education in a good college or university located in the state of Texas. The importance of the THEA test results is mainly attributed to the high value that the colleges and universities give to them while considering a candidate for admission. Hence, start your preparation right away!

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