THEA Test Preparation

What to Avoid While Preparing for THEA?

Each and every student in Texas, who is planning to enter into college or university in the state of Texas after school, has to appear for the Texas Higher Education Assessment, also known as the THEA. This is a simple standardized test that contains three sections: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. There are fixed passing scores for each section, which are not very easy to achieve. Hence, you need to work hard and practice a lot. This article helps you in determining which are the THEA test preparation practices that you must follow and the ones that you must avoid in order to get the desired scores. You must follow these guidelines to ensure that your THEA test preparation is complete and impeccable.

Brief Overview of the Test

For a good THEA test preparation, you need to be primarily aware of structure of this test There are three sections in the test and you need to pass each section to pass the THEA test as a whole. Each of the three sections is scored on a scale of 100 to 300. For the Reading and Mathematics sections, the passing score is 230; however, for the writing section, the passing score is 220.

How to Prepare for the THEA Test

Here are a few guidelines with the help of which you can ensure that your THEA test preparation is complete:

  • It is very important that the first step of your THEA test preparation is a diagnostic test. You can purchase a good study guide and attempt the diagnostic test provided in it under timed conditions for complete fairness.

  • After your diagnostic test is complete, you need to sit down and analyze your results. The reason for this activity is that there is no use of giving your diagnostic test if you are not diagnosing your result. You need to understand the areas where you went wrong while doing this. Only then, you will be able to formulate a THEA test preparation plan successfully.

  • After the in-depth analysis, you need to invest a lot of time and some money into preparation. For this, you will have to purchase one or more study guides. Most of these are available on internet shopping websites such as You may go through customer reviews and list of contents to determine whether to purchase a particular study guide or not. This will be quite helpful as you can understand all the valuable techniques and implement them in various practice exercises.

  • For the effective preparation of different sections, you need to start from the very basics. Unless your fundamental concepts are crystal clear, you will not be able to take your THEA test preparation forward. Hence, keep in mind to clarify your basic doubts with the help of these study guides and then move towards practicing as per the testing guidelines.

How Not to Prepare

Apart from knowing what to do, you must also be aware of what not to do for your THEA test preparation. Following are some important points that you definitely need to consider before you start your THEA test preparation:

  • Never start your THEA test preparation without evaluating your initial level of preparation. You need to give a diagnostic test; otherwise, you may start focusing on the wrong areas and ignore the ones that need your prior and urgent attention.

  • Never assume that you will be able to prepare for THEA using your school textbooks. You definitely need to arrange for study guides that have been published the THEA test takers. After all, the study guides for THEA test preparation are published after extensive and exclusive THEA-oriented research.

  • Another common mistake that you must avoid at any cost is practicing hard for the test, but not giving any practice tests. This is an error that many students commit in their THEA test preparation. You must keep giving practice tests at regular intervals of time to ensure that you are on the right track and to quantify your improvement between any two tests. These tests would also help you to know about the weaker areas on which you need to focus.

Hence, it is suggested that while carrying on the THEA test preparation, you must pay heed to the important dos and don’ts mentioned above. Not abiding by what has been mentioned in this article may result in ineffective THEA test preparation. Alongside, it may also be possible that during your preparation, you remain unaware of what is going wrong with your practice sessions or preparation and suffer in the later run. So follow the points mentioned above and prepare well!

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