THEA Test Prep

How to Choose the Best Method for THEA Prep

Every school student in Texas has one bridge to cross for entering any college or university within Texas; the bridge is the THEA test, which stands for the Texas Higher Education Assessment test. This standardized test is a compulsory requirement that needs to be fulfilled to start any college-level or university-level course in Texas. There are two formats of the test: the Quick test format, where you take the test with paper and pencil, and the other one is the Internet-based test where you take the test on a computer. However, the structure of the THEA test is same for both the formats. There are three sections in this exam that test the three basic and necessary skills of Reading, Mathematics and Writing. This article focuses on the test methods for THEA test prep and explains how one can utilize them!

Different Methods to Prepare for the THEA Test

There is no dearth of methods for the THEA test prep! However, each student has his or her own way or strategy of doing the test. Hence, you must review all the methods available and then choose one method wisely. Some of the commonly sought methods are mentioned below:

  1. Study Guides: There are many publishers that publish study guides for THEA test prep. Most of these are available for review on websites such as and You may go through the customer reviews for each of the books. Some of the key publishers in the field of THEA test prep are Barron's, Pearson etc. Some of the prominent books are mentioned below:

    1. Barron's THEA (

    2. Texas Higher Education Assessment (

    3. THEA Official Guide (
  2. Online Courses: There are many colleges that offer coaching and tutorials for the THEA test prep. Some of the prominent colleges or tutorials that provide such prep courses are enlisted below:

    1. Blinn College (
    2. Hill College (

How to Prepare for the THEA Test

Everyone has his or her personal style of THEA test prep. However, you need to develop your own preparation strategy that suits you best. For this, you need to go through the following guidelines:

  • You must start your preparation with a timed diagnostic test. Not only will the test give you an insight into the test structure, but it will also help you test your present preparation level.

  • The next step should be to start exploring all the THEA test prep options such as the ones mentioned above. However, you must use at least one study guide as it will ensure that you carry on your THEA test prep in a disciplined and step-by-step way.

  • During the course of your THEA test prep, you need to constantly test yourself so that you can analyze your performance and improvements in the various test areas regularly. This is very important as you need to keep a track of your progress. In case you are not improving in a particular section, you can start focusing more on it as compared to the other sections.

  • Another important point that you need to keep in mind regarding the THEA test prep is that you need to give practice tests at the end of your preparation so that you do not feel uncomfortable when you take the actual test under timed conditions.

How to Choose the Best Method to Prepare for the THEA Test

After reading about all the options, you can now decide which one you prefer for your THEA test prep. However, keep the following points in mind:

  • You need to consider whether you have to concentrate on one major area or on all the three sections. For this, you need to analyze the results of your diagnostic test.

  • Depending on the analysis of the test result, you need to decide whether you will be comfortable studying on your own or you need someone to guide you, like in a proper preparation course.

  • You also need to consider the kind of course you want to attend and how much time you have. If you have very little time left in your hand, you need to take up a short course just to refresh your fundamentals. Similarly, you may prefer going for a one-on-one course or take a few classes with a batch of students.

  • Another important deciding factor in choosing the best THEA test prep method is the study schedule that you can follow while preparing for the THEA test. Depending on your schedule at school, you may need to organize the time you would spend for THEA test prep.

Thus, considering all factors mentioned above, you need to take a call and then decide which option you want to use for your THEA test prep. However, regardless of the THEA test prep option you choose, you need to put in a lot of hard work and display serious dedication to score high.

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