Study Resources for THEA

Sources of Study Guides

The Texas Higher Education Assessment, also known as the THEA, is a crucial step in the life of any Texan who is making the transition from school to college or university. There are three sections or subject-areas that are parts of this test: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Each of these three sections must be passed in order to pass the complete test. Hence, it is obvious that you need to put in a lot of hard-work and preparation to pass this test as you may have certain weak areas that need improvement before the final test. Thus, you need to allocate enough time for the full-fledged preparation for this test. This article will help you in this endeavor by letting you know about some of the best study guides available online. After going through the reviews of those, you may decide which book you want to use for your test prep.

Online Resources

There is no dearth of websites that can offer you many study guides for your preparation. Some of these useful websites are listed below:

You can visit these websites to gather more information about these books. Moreover, you can go through customer reviews for each and also consider the different pricing options.

Reviews of Study Books

  1. REA's THEA with CD/Rom (9th Edition)

    This book is available at the link for a price of 17.73$. This book is written by a group of authors - Robert Blake Truscott, George P Parks, Clara Wajnqurt, Jocelyn Chadwick Joshua and Ellen Davis Conner.

    This is an excellent source of preparation as it contains enough of comprehensive information on all three sections of the test. There are two full-length practice test provided at the end of the book. These tests are balanced in such a way that they cover all the essential skills that are tested in this test as well as provide details about all the types of questions that can come in the actual test. Hence, this book has a huge benefit and you should try practicing the tests provided in it at the end of your test prep.

  2. The Official THEA Study Guide

    This official resource is developed by Inc National Evaluation Systems, which also develops the test. Hence, this is a must have for your test prep. You can buy this online at You may purchase this guide online by paying 19.23$ for a new book; however, a second hand purchase for it would certainly cost less.

    This is a necessary part of your test prep because it is the official practice material. It has received excellent customer reviews which you can go through at the above mentioned link. Additionally, this guide also contains a full-length practice test at the end with a detailed answer key and explanations at the end. Hence, you must purchase this book as it will be most accurate regarding the level and type of questions asked.

  3. Barron's THEA

    This is a popular option, which is available for online purchase at the link You can purchase it here for 11.95$. This book is written by Janet Elder, Sandra J McCune, Nancy J Wright, Andres Taggart and Kathleen Cage Mittag.

    The chapters begin with a diagnostic test that can help you in diagnosing your strong and weak areas. After a detailed explanation of different strategies pertaining to the different sections of the test, this study guide contains one full-length practice at the end. You should take this practice test at the end of your preparation so as to know if you require putting in more efforts in preparing for any part/parts of the test syllabus.

At the end, it must be mentioned that the final decision of purchasing any book rests with you. You need to consider all important factors such as previous customer reviews, compatibility with the actual test, accuracy with regard to actual test questions etc. Only then will you be well-equipped to make an informed decision regarding the materials that will be most useful in your test prep.