Scoring Well in THEA

The Importance of Scoring High in THEA

The THEA, also known as the Texas Higher Education Assessment, is taken by all school students of Texas who wish to continue their education in colleges and universities located across the state of Texas. If you are such a student, then you too must start preparing for it. However, you also need to be aware of how marks are crucial for your admission procedure. Read this article to know more about the scores and how these are important for you.


Here are a few important points regarding the results of the test that you need to know:

  1. The results are electronically scored for the multiple-choice based questions. These include questions from Reading and Mathematics sections along with some parts of the Writing section. Thus, there is no room for any error and the scores are completely accurate.

  2. The score of each of the three sections ranges from 100 to 300. The passing marks of the Reading and Mathematics section is 230 which is a difficult target to achieve. For the Writing section, the passing score is 220. Thus, a high amount of preparation is needed from your side to achieve these passing scores.

  3. It is important that you pass each section of the test; otherwise, you need to give a retest for the particular section that you were unable to clear. Also note that even if you have passed the test, you may be asked by the education institution to retake a section or sections to get a more satisfactory score.

Writing Section Scores

Here are a few important points you need to consider regarding the THEA Writing section:

  1. The Writing sample score ranges from 2 to 8. There are two evaluators who score the sample separately on a 4 point scale. The total of these two scores is taken as the writing score.

  2. You can pass the complete Writing section if you score 6 or more in the sample. However, if you score 4 or less, you fail in the test. Also, note that answering 70% of the multiple-choice questions is generally sufficient in order to pass this section.

Release of Results

The outcome of the test is released to you, to the institution you are planning to attend and to the test center where you took the test. The score reports are sent electronically and not through mail or phone. Here are a few more important points regarding the scores:

  • You can request that the test be re-scored within three months of testing.
  • The writing sample cannot be re-scored. Only the multiple-choice based sections can be re-scored.
  • In case you are not at all satisfied with the result in one or more sections, you may request the cancelling of your result. The cancellation form has to be submitted before you leave the testing center.

Importance of Grades

Here are the uses of the scores:

  1. Most colleges and universities consider them a pre-requisite for offering you a place in their academic programs.
  2. You may also need to take the test in case you are applying for dual-credit of high school and college education at the same time.
  3. You also need to furnish the marks to get admission into the Educator Preparation Program.

Hence, it can be concluded that getting high grades is going to make it easier for you to get an offer from any Texan college or university. High percentages will also demonstrate your passion towards academics, which will also increase your chances of admission. The main purpose for the Texan colleges and universities to use the scores is that this standardized test is well-equipped to evaluate your level of skills knowledge and the ability to work hard towards achieving a goal. After all, college education requires the students to have the skills as well as the motivation to work hard to achieve results. Hence, you must work hard towards achieving excellent grades to make it to your desired college and career goal in the future.