THEA Scores Online

Significance of THEA Scores and How to Access THEA Scores Online

The THEA test, also known as the Texas Higher Education Assessment test, is an important step for all Texas-based school children who wish to reach their preferred Texas-based college or university for the purpose of pursuing higher education. This standardized test consists of three sections, each of which has to be passed in order to pass the whole exam. This article focuses on the importance of the THEA scores in your admission process. Also, read it for more knowledge on how to see THEA scores online.

Brief Description of the Test

Before we move on to explain the above highlighted points, it is important to give some information on the structure of the THEA test as well. There are three sections in this test: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Most of the THEA test is multiple-choice based apart from one sub-section of the Writing section, where you have to write an essay on the given topic.

Importance of the THEA Test Scores

The THEA scores are very important, both for the test-taker as well as for the educational institution that is providing the courses that one is interested in taking up. The following points explain the reasons for this in detail:

  • If you are a Texan, the THEA scores are not optional for you to present. These are a pre-requisite if you want to pursue your higher education in any college or university based in Texas. Without achieving the minimum required scores for each section, you cannot think of being offered a place in any Texan educational institution for pursuing any educational course.

  • It is important to not only pass the test but also to gain as many marks as possible in each THEA section. You may get the passing scores for each section; however, you may be denied admission into a college if many other applicants have scored extremely high in the test. In such a case, those candidates will be preferred for admission over you.

  • The THEA scores are also a pre-requisite in case you want to apply for a dual-credit of a high-school course and a college-level course. In such a case too, you can view your THEA scores online.

  • When you see your see your THEA scores online, you will observe that the scores are sent to the test-center where you took your test and also the educational institutions where you want the scores to be sent automatically. Thus, your scores are sent across various educational institutions that will compare them with the scores of other applicants. This is another reason why scoring high in this test is so important for you.

  • The THEA test is also an important tool in the hands of education institutions that use the THEA scores to compare different applicants for their courses on a common platform without any bias.

How to See your THEA Scores Online

After knowing the importance of these scores, it is important to know how you can see your THEA scores online. The following guidelines will help you:

  • Go the official website of the THEA test ( Go to the log-in page using the ID and password that you had created at the time of registering for the test.

  • After logging in, you can view your THEA scores online.

  • Remember that your THEA scores are sent to the test-center where you took the test and also to the educational institutes that you requested the scores to be sent, at the time of registration.

  • Also remember that you can see the THEA scores online only. These are not delivered by mail or e-mail. You cannot even get the scores over the phone. These precautions are taken for the purpose of confidentiality of your scores. Additional score reports, if required, can be requested within four weeks of your test date.

Finally, it must be known that you are able to view the results for this test online within 10 minutes of your essay getting evaluated. Hence, it is important to remember the important credentials of your online THEA account such as the log-in ID and password. Even in case you want to make changes in the schedule of the test or cancel the test altogether, you need to use these credentials. Hence, the official website is a one-stop place for carrying out all activities related to the test as well as for viewing the THEA scores online.

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