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The THEA test, which stands for Texas Higher Education Test, is an important step in the life of any Texan school student who is planning to pursue higher education in any college or university located in Texas. There are three sections in this test: Writing, Reading and Mathematics, all of which are important to pass in order to pass the THEA test as a whole. This test can be given in either of the two available formats: the Quick-test format, which is paper-based and the Internet-based format, which is computer-based. Hence, it is imperative that the THEA preparation you undertake be impeccable and completely efficient with respect to time and other resources. This article has been written with the view of helping you choose the best options available online for THEA preparation.

How to Prepare for the THEA Test

There are many ways of preparing for the THEA test. Some of these are listed below:

  • You can consult some of your text-books to gain an insight into the basics of each section.
  • You can consult some THEA preparation guides to get some practice exercises and drills.
  • You can also take up a few online practice tests for THEA that are available free of cost to practice further.

THEA Online Preparation Resources

Here a few resources for THEA preparation available online:

  1. Official Website

    The official website of the THEA test contains a lot of practice material. You may visit the link and take a practice test by logging in to your THEA account that you would have created at the time of registering for the test. You need to note here that even without creating an account; you can start and take up this free practice test.

    When you visit this page, at the bottom, you will see different tabs for the directions, different sections of the test and the answer key. This practice test is free of cost and can serve as a good method for THEA preparation. Ideally, you should take this practice test at the end of your preparation. This is because it is developed by the official test-takers and will be thus, most accurate with respect to the questions that you would actually encounter in the test.

  2. THEA Online Study Guide

    This online study guide is available at the link This link is also an excellent source of THEA preparation because it is published by Pearson, which is responsible for developing the THEA test. This online study guide is available for all three sections of the THEA test namely: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Following are the features of the THEA preparation that can be carried out by using this online study guide:

    • You can take a number of diagnostic tests that can serve useful in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses in the different areas of the test.
    • You can get acquainted with the different sets of skills that are tested in the actual THEA test.
    • You can also practice different areas and question types and then review the answer explanations in detail.

    Following are the payment details for this THEA preparation source:

    • For individual sections, the price is 8.00$ for a six-month access.
    • In case you want to purchase the guides for all three sections, you need to pay 20.00$ for a six-month access.

  3. College Websites

    There are many colleges and universities across Texas, which provide online THEA preparation. One such example is South Texas College. You can view and take one of the practice tests on the website of this institution at This test is free of cost and is computer-based. By giving this practice test, you can get acquainted with the Internet-based format of the THEA test.

    Another option is that of the Texas State University, San Marcos website There are many resources for THEA preparation at this link. There is a separate area at the bottom of this page for THEA practice tests. This website also enlists certain helpful study guides for the THEA preparation process.

Hence, it can be concluded that there is no dearth of online THEA preparation resources; you just have to search wisely. There are many practice tests available online for each of the three sections of the THEA test. However, there is one thing that you must keep in mind - give the full-length practice tests only when you have completed your practice and have mastered all the concepts.

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