How to Choose the Best THEA Prep Method

The THEA test aka Texas Higher Education Assessment test is an academic-assessment and course-placement test for the freshman candidates who are joining UG degree courses in colleges and universities in Texas. Designed to measure the academic adeptness of students in the areas of Math, Reading and Writing, it is a crucial test for the first-year students. There are several methods and avenues to prepare for this test. This article will primarily throw light on a list of effective THEA prep methods, besides listing the guidelines that you could follow to select the best prep method that suits your learning needs.

How to Prepare for the THEA Test:

The students could use a combination of the below-mentioned THEA prep methods to prepare for this test. After selecting the prep methods, they must create a comprehensive study plan to follow. With a help of an effective study plan and effective prep tools, the students can easily ace the THEA test.

3 Effective THEA Prep Methods:

  1. Official Self-Study Resources

    The THEA website hosts several THEA prep materials, a list and descriptions of which are provided below:

    1. Official THEA Prep Guide- This contains free information on the test design, study & test-taking tips and strategies, a review of all the skills/competencies assessed in the test, tips to create a study plan and several sample questions in each test section.

    2. Official THEA Study Guide - This is a paid guide that contains extensive review material on all 3 sections of the THEA test. There is an online version and a printed version of this guide available on the THEA website.

    3. Official THEA Practice tests - A free online practice test, which closely simulates the real deal, is available on the THEA website. This is accompanied by an answer guide and a self-diagnostic chart. Moreover, an interactive & timed (paid) practice test, which includes an essay question and provides immediate scores and answer explanations for all the test sections, is also available on the THEA website.

    To review and download/purchase these resources, you may visit this link on the official THEA website -

  2. Other Self-Study Resources

    The following THEA prep books are available on online book stores such as

    1. THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment) w/CD-ROM 9th Ed
    2. Barron's THEA: The Texas Higher Education Assessment
    3. THEA (REA) - The Best Test Prep for the Texas Higher Education Assessment

    Besides books, several THEA online portals are also available. Here is a list of a few such portals:


    Moreover, many Texas universities and colleges have a dedicated THEA prep portal on their websites with many easy-to-use prep materials and study guidelines. Some examples are listed below:


  3. Online/Classroom Courses

    THEA prep courses are another effective way of preparing for this exam. Such courses provide individual and focused attention to the students. Below is a list of prep courses to choose from:

    1. - Online THEA Math course

    2. - Complete Online THEA Prep course

    3. - Classroom sessions at the University of Texas Pan American

How to Choose the Best THEA Prep Method:

Here is a 4-step guide that you could follow to select the best THEA prep method:

  • Firstly, you must review all the available THEA prep methods and their associated materials. This step includes gathering and reviewing details on the authors of the prep books and the facilitators of prep courses and classes.

  • Next, you must compare and contrast the pros and cons (including the costs) of each method. You could do this by creating a comparison chart of all the THEA prep methods/resources.

  • Thirdly, you should take one or more practice tests to review your strengths and weaknesses in the THEA test. Now, you should go over the chart that you have prepared in the previous step to determine which prep method will best alleviate your weaknesses. For example, some students who are faring very badly in certain sections of the test (or those who have failed the test in previous attempts) could consider individual coaching through THEA prep classes or online courses.

  • Finally, remember to take advice and tips from your classmates and alumni who have already appeared for THEA test to find out what THEA prep methods and materials they are using or have used in the past.

Thus far, we have reviewed the different ways of preparing for the THEA test, along with a clear guideline on how to pick the best THEA prep method that suits your needs. We hope the above-mentioned information helps your search for the most effective THEA prep method and helps you achieve the best THEA scores!

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