THEA Exams

Understanding the THEA in 6 Easy Steps

The THEA test stands for the Texas Higher Education Test. It is composed of three THEA exams, which are a part of every school student's life who lives in the state of Texas and who is planning to join any college or a university in the state of Texas. The THEA exams can be taken in either the Quick test paper-pencil based format or the Internet-based format. This article elaborates useful information on the THEA exams in six simple steps.

Step 1: Format of the Test

There are three sections or THEA exams in this test: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The details of these three sections are given below:

  • Reading: There are approximately 40 multiple-choice based questions in this section. All the questions are based on reading passages with 300 to 750 words. In total, there are 7 reading passages in a THEA test.

  • Mathematics: There are approximately 50 multiple-choice based questions in this section. The questions test the 4 basic areas of algebra, problem solving, geometry and fundamental mathematics. You are allowed to use a simple 4-function calculator for the calculations in this test section.

  • Writing: This section is divided into two sub-sections. The first sub-section requires you to write an essay on the given topic. The second sub-section contains 40 multiple-choice questions based on conventions of Standard English language.

Step 2: Skills that are tested in the THEA test

The major skills that are tested in the THEA exams are:

  • Your ability to understand the information given in a text and make inferences,
  • your ability to interpret the purpose behind a given text,
  • your skills in solving mathematical problems and using logic,
  • your skill in formulating a cogent and coherent essay with supporting examples, and
  • your skill at the use of conventions of the English language.

Step 3: Preparing for the Test

Apart from knowing everything about the THEA exams, you also need to prepare for the different sections. You may prepare using some study guides or you may also use your school text-books. The study guides can be purchased at any educational book store or can be ordered online through websites such as

Step 3: Registering for the Test

In order to register for the THEA exams, you need to go to the official website and follow this link: Here, you need to fill out a form and provide your background details. After reading and accepting all terms and policies, you need to proceed towards the payment of registration fee. Remember that the registration process takes place through an account that you need to create on the official website for all purposes related to the THEA exams.

Step 5: Passing the THEA Test

Each of the three THEA exams is scored on a scale from 100 to 300. In order to pass the Reading and Mathematics sections, you need to score at least 230 in each. In order to pass the Writing section, you need to score at least 220 points. Also remember that you will be able to pass the THEA test only if you pass all three THEA exams. In case you fail in any one section, you can reappear for it later.

Step 6: Score Reporting

The scores for all the three THEA exams are reported as soon as the essay is scored. The essay-scoring process usually takes about 10 minutes only. The scores are visible under your account that you might have created at the time of registering for the THEA test. The report is not delivered by mail, e-mail or over the phone for reasons of confidentiality.

The above mentioned points are very important if you are considering giving the THEA test soon. You need to prepare yourself well keeping in mind how much score you need in each section and the current level of preparation that you are at. Hence, start preparing for the THEA exams effectively and as soon as you can!

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