Things to Keep in Mind while taking THEA

The THEA exam stands for the Texas Higher Education Test. It was developed in the year 1989 and has, since then, provided an accurate testing and score-reporting system to various students and educational institutions for higher education. The main purpose behind this test is to test the students on the basis of various parameters such as reading, writing and mathematical skills. These skills need to be tested as these are required in freshman-level courses in colleges and universities in the state of Texas. Basically, the THEA exam is the only standardized test that evaluates preparation level of students for the course-work that is needed in Texas educational institutions. This article enlists some important things that you need to keep in mind regarding this test.

Testing Formats of the THEA Exam

The THEA exam is offered to the students in the following formats:

  1. THEA Quick Test: This format of the THEA exam is offered by many educational institutions in Texas on a fixed schedule that is determined by the particular institutions themselves. For information on where this format of the THEA exam is offered, you can visit the official website and click on the tab 'Registering for the Quick Test'. In case you appear for this format of the test, you will be mailed the score report for all test sections within one week after your answer document has been received. The THEA exam in this format can be retaken after a gap of 30 days.

  2. THEA Internet-Based Test: This format of the THEA exam contains similar sections and question types; however, it is taken on a computer system. This format is taken at several designated institutions throughout the state of Texas. You may visit the official website to check whether your institution offers this format or not.

THEA Test Sections

There are three sections in the THEA exam: Reading, Mathematics and Writing. Each of these sections is designed to evaluate your academic skill against a standard of competence that has been set already. A detailed description of all these three sections is given below:

  1. Reading: There are 40 multiple-choice based questions in this section of the THEA exam. These questions will be spread out into 7 reading passages of approximately 300 to 750 words each.

  2. Mathematics: There are 50 multiple-choice based questions in this section of the THEA exam; these are: problem solving, algebra, geometry and fundamental mathematics.

  3. Writing: This section of the THEA exam contains two subsections. The first sub-section requires you to demonstrate your ability and skill in effective communication. This is done by giving you a topic. The second section requires you to answer 40 multiple-choice based questions on elements of grammar in writing.

Description of THEA Test Sections

  1. Reading: There is a variety of reading passages that you may encounter in the THEA exam; however, these are quite similar to the reading material that you might encounter in your first-year of college.

  2. Mathematics: This section of the THEA exam focuses on your ability to solve problems and perform various mathematical operations. A list of appropriate formulas is provided to you while undertaking this test section and you can use a simple four-function non-programmable calculator for the calculations. If you take the internet-based format for this test, you will be provided with a simple online calculator.

  3. Writing: In this section, you need to write a sample or an essay containing multiple paragraphs of about 300 to 600 words. This sample or essay will be scored depending on how effectively you communicated your ideas. You need to express and organize your essay and use enough of supporting ideas and examples to strengthen your position.

Hence, it may be concluded that there are a lot of important details regarding the THEA exam that are important for all students in the state of Texas who are about to enter colleges and universities for their diplomas, certificates and graduation after school. To gather more information regarding registration and scoring, you can visit the official THEA exam website.

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