Texas THEA Test

THEA Prep Options Available in Texas

The Texas THEA test is taken by all school-going children of Texas who are planning to continue their higher education in any college or university based in Texas. This test consists of three equally important sections: Reading, Writing and Mathematics. You need to pass each section in case you want to pass the test as a whole. There are many options available for you to prepare for the THEA test. This article explores the THEA test prep options that are available in Texas.

Brief Overview of the THEA Test

The following points highlight the important points you need to know about the Texas THEA test:

  • As mentioned earlier, the Texas THEA test is composed of three sections. All these sections have multiple-choice based questions, except the Writing section, which includes an essay prompt too.

  • The scores for each section range from 100 to 300 on a scale. To pass the Reading and Mathematics sections, you need a minimum score of 230 out of 300; however, to pass the Writing section, you need a minimum score of 220 out of 300.

  • Merely achieving the minimum required THEA score may not guarantee you a place in any college or university in Texas. The colleges admit students based on how high their THEA scores are. Obviously, there will be many students who will score more than the bare minimum. Hence, it is important not only to pass the Texas THEA test but also to achieve the highest possible score that you can earn.

Registration and Scoring Information

For registering yourself for the Texas THEA test as well as for receiving your final scores, you need to create an online account on the official website of the test: www.thea.nesinc.com. After logging in to this account, you can book your test center and timing for your test. You have to use this account even if you want to cancel or edit your test schedule.

When the results are declared, you will be able to view them online by logging in to the same account. The results are not delivered to the candidates by e-mail, fax or over the phone.

THEA Test Prep Options Available in Texas

  1. Online Courses

    There are a lot of preparation materials available on the internet in the form of preparation courses. You can go to the websites of organizations providing such courses and register yourself. You will be receiving regular material updates and a few practice tests as well while taking up such courses. Some of the prominent courses that can be taken up have been listed below:

  2. Preparation Courses and Tutorials

    There are many options available for the Texas THEA test prep in the form of tutorials within the state itself. Some of these are listed below:

    • Wharton County Junior College

      The Texas THEA test prep course at this junior college costs 129$ for the tuition and runs for a total time of 12 hours. A lot of practice exams are given to the students and a variety of common problems are discussed in detail under this course. You can know more about the course on the website link http://www.wcjc.edu/ed_programs_n/CE/content_areas_test_prep.asp. There are four Wharton County Junior College campuses to choose from, depending on the test prep schedule that a test-taker wishes to adopt:

      • Wharton,
      • Richmond,
      • Sugar Land and
      • Bay City.

    • Tarrant County College

      You can visit the link http://www.tccd.edu/Continuing_Education/Test_Preparation/THEA.html for more information on the Texas THEA test prep course at this county college. Under the course provided here, there are lessons given in each of the three sections of the test. You need to go this link and scroll down to check the schedule. You can also do this by going to the tab 'Click here to see our current class openings'. You may choose an appropriate schedule and then register to start your classes.

  3. Study Guides

    There are many study guides available for the preparation of the Texas THEA test. Most of these are available online at websites such as www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com. You can go to these websites to review some of the study guides before ordering them. Some of the prominent study guides are mentioned below:

Hence, it can be concluded that there is no paucity of options available for your Texas THEA test prep. It is you who has to decide regarding your test prep after consulting various options and exhausting all avenues. Just remember that you need consistent practice over time to improve your scores. As mentioned above, it is important not to score the bare minimum points but to score as high as possible. Only then can you be guaranteed a place in any college or university across Texas.

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