TExES Test Preparation

Teaching is a profession that is involved with teaching-learning processes. TExES, that allows you a teacher certification, therefore, includes learning important lessons before one actually starts to practice teaching or other such related jobs. Only to say in other words, it requires preparation before one is ready to take the test.

Do you require to Prepare for a ‘Pass/Fail’ Test?
 It is a ‘pass or fail’ test. Therefore, candidates are not compared against the performance of other candidates. However, they are compared according to a predefined standard, measured by the passing score. This surely takes away the pressure from the candidates to a certain degree, since they do not have to compete with each other. However, they are required to attain a minimum score, which is not a cakewalk. Preparation for TExES hence requires extensive review of the content area, which amounts to mastering the subject that you are dealing with.

Does Preparation require Time?
Those who believe that they can pass the test with a few days’ preparation need a reality check. In the teaching profession, one is expected to learn throughout one’s experience. Candidates are required to have good knowledge as well as be responsible towards their profession. Hence, the skills expected from a teacher are wide. TExES attempts to test candidates for these skills. Therefore, to learn these skills and to master the content knowledge for the tests, you are required to put in efforts for preparation. An average candidate takes about two months for preparation for the test. A bright candidate may require lesser, however, no one can prepare in just about a week’s time. Therefore, make sure that you have enough time for your studies.

What kind of Planning is required for TExES?
Apart from making a decision about the time you require for preparation, you need to devise a plan for other things as well. A study plan has to be made keeping the following things in mind.

  1. You are required to plan the content area that has to be included during preparation. This depends upon the test you are taking, the types of questions asked in it and your level of readiness for each content category.

  2. Planning for this exam should begin with understanding the test format. Hence, when you plan for preparing for the test, it is required that you take out time to look for test information from various sources.

  3. Preparation is incomplete without practice sessions. Hence, the study plan must include regular practice sessions, where the candidate gets a chance to test himself, identify his weaknesses, get a feedback and measure his skills.

  4. You can plan for the method of preparation that you want to follow. It can be done in different ways, and thus candidates can take the opportunity to select the method that suits their study habits.

Tips for a Better Attempt at the Test
There are ways in which your preparation and the final attempt can be made more effective. These tips hold the power to make a significant difference in your score, which may affect your results. Hence, it is essential to pay attention to them. Some of the tips are as follows.

  1. Make sure you answer all questions since there is no negative marking for incorrect responses. There are bound to be questions with confusing answer options, or questions which leave you completely blank. Make educated guesses as far as possible, otherwise, make random guesses. This may make you collect some additional points.

  2. It is not beneficial to spend too long on a single question as all questions have the same value. Hence, it is best to leave a question if it is time consuming and come back to answer it when you have finished the test.

  3. Make sure you have studied for the test by understanding the types of questions asked in that test. While some tests ask only multiple choice questions, others ask open-ended questions or constructed response questions. Hence, you must be aware of the types you would face in the test and prepare accordingly.

  4. Set your aims higher than the passing score. The score received by candidates generally falls short of the aim. If you aim at only passing the TExES, your efforts would also match your aims, and there could be a risk of falling a little short of the desired score. Aiming high makes you work more during preparation, and you are bound to score much above the minimum required score.

  5. Start early and take the exam as soon as possible. Preparing early for the test helps to take it early, and hence it allows you time for a retest. Taking the test early also helps to secure a position for which many other applicants are also applying.

Sources of Preparation
There is no dearth of preparation sources; you only have to get your hands on the right ones. Make sure that the books and software that you select are most recent and up-to-date. With each passing year, there could be some significant changes made in the test format and other related information. Hence, you should not follow an out-of-date  book for preparation.

Apart from books and software, you have the option of joining coaching classes and online courses. In case you feel under-confident about preparing for the test on your own, you can resort to such sources of preparation.

Coming to the most authentic and genuine preparation source, there is nothing that surpasses the official preparation materials. A description of official preparation sources is given below.

  • Study Tips: Preparing for the Texas Educator Certification Tests

This is a free preparation booklet offered by the official website which offers numerous tips for preparation. It helps you to plan your preparation strategy for the test. Moreover, it helps you to understand the question types and provides significant tips to handle the types of questions that you can face in the test.

Another official booklet that helps most of the test takers is Reducing Test Anxiety. This booklet provides solutions to all the aspects that lead to anxiety during preparation. Hence, it attempts to make the candidates confident about themselves and guides them towards better preparation.

  • Official Preparation Manuals

Preparation Manuals are available to assist students with the content of each test. There are numerous preparation manuals that can be downloaded for free. Each manual is specific for each TExES test. The manuals familiarize the candidates with the test. They offer to explain the test format, list of competencies that are assessed in the test, strategies and approaches to answer the types of questions asked in the test and sample questions with answers.

A Word of Advice
Although TExES does not compare your performance with the performance of other candidates, it does not mean that you do not have to face competition. The biggest competition that you face is from yourself. You must remember that you have the capability to surprise yourself, and hence you must prepare in the right direction so that you can compete with your expectations and achieve much more than that.