Materials for TExES Study

4 Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing a TExES Study Guide

The Texas Examinations of Educator Standards are a set of standardized tests that help evaluate the knowledge and professional abilities of educators against certain set criteria. If you are an educator preparing for this test and are looking for resources for your preparation, find some good study guides reviewed in the later part of this article. Also, learn what you should look for while choosing the best book for yourself.

Points to Look For While Choosing a Study Guide

With plenty of prep materials and programs for TExES test preparation around, choosing the right materials can be a tricky thing. Here is a list of four important pointers that can help you choose good guides for yourself:

  • Contents: The contents of the book should be of foremost importance while you choose any prep material. The title should contain details about your field of choice, and also include facts and information about all the concerned domains and competencies under that field or topic.

  • Practice Materials: Practice questions are not only useful in improving your speed of testing but also in making you understand the test pattern better.

  • Tips and Tricks: Whatever test you are taking, it is always better you know some essential strategies to effectively utilize your knowledge and skills and give your best within the stipulated time frame. Always look for this extra information, when you choose your study material!

  • Price Tag: With plenty of resources available online and for free, it is always good to be sure about the value of money. Choose only reputed and good materials that are worth the money and useful to you.

Reviewed here are three study guides that are popular among the test takers today:

  1. The TExES Preparation Manual

    Each test included in the TExES package has a preparation manual dedicated to it and available online at the ETS TExEs website ( These manuals take care of the essential aspects of test taking and are considered some of the best books around for the test preparation. The most important features of these manuals are as listed below:

    • Sectional break-up of the particular test - with its domains and competencies within.
    • Types of questions covered.
    • Test format - PBT, CAT, or both.
    • Tips and strategies for taking the test.
    • Sample questions with detailed answer keys.
    • Continually updated to reflect any changes in the test format.

    Another USP of these manuals is that these are the only TExES prep resources sanctioned by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). You may view these online, download and save them to your local systems, or even print them for anytime use.

  2. Pass the TExES

    Claimed as one of the best guides available today, this is a series of titles that can provide you with comprehensive test help for the ETS TExES test. The salient features of this series by Ed Publishers are:

    • Each individual test gets a dedicated title.
    • All important domains and competency areas are covered for each individual test.
    • Titles are continuously revised and edited to include any changes in test format/content.
    • Each individual title is written by expert and experienced authors in their respective fields.
    • Many of the titles can be downloaded online from the website (, while many others need to be purchased in hard copy.
    • All titles are competitively priced.

    Above all, many consider these as essential books for passing the test in your first try itself!

  3. Texas TExES Generalist EC-6 (191) (TExES Teacher Certification Test Prep)

    This TExES study guide from REA is one of the popular resources for the Generalist Early Childhood to Grade 6 (test code: 191) test. The important features are as follows:

    • The title is comprehensive and aligned to the new 191 test content.
    • All the relevant content domains and competencies from EC to Grade 6 teaching like English, Arts, Math, Fine Arts, Health, Social Studies, Science, and Physical Education are covered adequately.
    • Also, this title includes multiple-choice practice questions and two full-length tests. Each question is provided with detailed answer keys.
    • Test taking tips and strategies are included.
    • The author of the title is an expert, having also penned several other titles in the field.
    • The book is competitively priced.
    • Also, one may take a diagnostic or pre-test online from REA publishers (

    When preparing for the TExES, you may choose any or all of these guides listed above, or choose other ones that may better fit your study needs. You may, also, find many good prep materials and study guides in you local bookstores and libraries. While choosing a study guide, the mantra should be to always pick the one that fits your requirements of test taking and helps you perform better in the test.