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Choosing the Best Book for TExES

When preparing for the TExES, it is essential that you equip yourself with right kind of prep resources and tools. In this review article, learn about how to choose a good prep resource for yourself, and read about some of the popular TExES book titles around.

How to Choose the Best Book?

With many publishing houses and exam prep companies around, you get a wide variety of materials and programs for the test preparation. Naturally, taking a decision on which is the best one for you is a difficult thing. Listed below are a few pointers that may help you better scan through the various resources and articles, and choose the best book for yourself:

  • Go through some book reviews: Reading through reviews can be of great help in evaluating a book. However, always remember to select a book only if it fits your needs of test taking.

  • Choose a book that fit your needs. While choosing the best book for your preparation, choose the one that caters to your specific domain/field requirements, includes quality content, and deals with any particular aspects that you may need to focus on.

  • Look for a book that includes practice materials: Practice questions not only help you understand the pattern of the test, but also improve your test taking abilities; and help keep a tab on your progress.

  • Look for tips and tricks: TExES tests being timed, it is always better you learn how to manage your time or answer well within the timeframe. When you read through a guide or plan to buy a book, look for tips, tricks, and test taking strategies that can definitely help you perform better.

  • Choose a title that fits your budget: These days, you may even find many online prep resources that can be downloaded free of cost. Plus, it does not mean that an expensive title is always good in terms of its content matter. Hence, evaluate the books in terms of their value for money, and choose the best one.

Now that you have learnt some points to how to choose a good book, you may as well, read about some of the popular TExES book choices around:

  1. The TExES Preparation Manual - the Official Guide from the Test Publishers

    For each of the tests included in the TExES package, a preparation manual is available online ( Listed here are some of the most important features and USPs of these manuals:

    • For each test, the respective manual covers an exhaustive break-up of the content.
    • The types of questions and the test format are included in the manuals.
    • Sample questions are also provided with detailed explanations.
    • In addition, tips and strategies for taking the test are included.
    • With continuously changing test formats and content, these manuals are updated regularly to accurately reflect the changes.
    • These manuals are officially approved by the TEXAS Education Agency (TEA).

    These are available free of cost from the official website, and can be printed out, if required.

  2. Cracking the TExES (College Test Preparation)

    This is a title from the acclaimed Princeton Review, and is a popular choice for test preparation for the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities test (PPR). Here is a review of the salient features of this title:

    • It is designed to include specific techniques and knowledge to help you crack the test easily.
    • It also boasts of a unique strategy for arriving at the best answer for each question.
    • It gives you an overview of the TExES test structure and content.
    • There are practice questions and drills included for each level of the content tested (EC-R, 4-8, 8-12).
    • Each question is provided with a detailed explanation.

    However, the book is slightly over-priced compared to many other titles around. For more information on this title, refer to:

  3. TExES PPR w/ CD-ROM (REA) - The Best Test Prep for the TExES (Test Preps)

    From the reputed publishing house of REA, this is a comprehensive book for the test preparation ( Find the important features of this title listed under:

    • The title provides an overview of the test, including the scoring process.
    • It covers all the relevant domains and competencies.
    • Tutorials and drills help you learn better and practice your skills.
    • The paper-back edition comes with a CD including practice tests with instant scoring facility.
    • Test taking tips and strategies from the publishers are also a part of this title.

    According to many users and review articles, REA guides have been some of the trusted resources for this test preparation, and include quality content. In addition, the title is competitively priced.

Listed here are only three books with their features, USPs, and shortcomings. You may use this article while choosing a book for yourself, or look for other reviews and resources that may better befit your needs. In any case, always remember to get appropriate study aids for yourself so that you can do well in the test and achieve your goals.