Where to take the TEAS Test

How does it Matter Which TEAS Test Centre You Choose?

Test for Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is an aptitude test conducted by ATI in accordance to the admission specifications prescribed by the top nursing schools across 50 states of USA. TEAS plays a significant role in designing a student's nursing career as it is the decision-making tool of every nursing school. The scores help the nursing schools to measure the suitability of a student to take up the course and nursing profession. An added advantage for the benefit of students is that the scores are also obtained for the individual sections along with the composite scores, thereby, helping the student to exhibit his/her efficiency.

Are you finding it a difficult task to decide on the location? This is a content-driven exam which takes you to a refreshing study of what you have already studied in your high school. The test syllabus covers the subjects; namely Maths, Science, Reading and English & Language Usage skills. It is a 209 minutes aptitude test that takes you through 170 multiple-choice questions with four options to choose from and it can be taken in computer-based and Pencil & Paper-based formats.

An aspiring candidate goes through a turbulent stream of questions and becomes arduous to find the answer to these questions at the spur of a moment. Hence, it is strongly recommended to gather as much information as you can before you deciding the location.

The key to success in the TEAS is to build your self-confidence by brushing up your skills, practicing efficiently, gaining strong subject knowledge and by dedicating a lot of time towards the preparations.

To decide on the test center/location, one must follow these simple steps listed below. These would not only help you to be on your toes but will also give you a breather before you take the test:

  1. Register with ATI

    • Create an account with the official test website - www.atitesting.com
    • You will be given a unique ID, which would remain the same for any test that you take through ATI.
    • You must remember that this account does not mean that you are registering for the exam. However, this ID is required while registering for the test, which must be done separately.
  2. The Test Center/location: Whilst your registration, you will need to select the state and city where you intend to take the test. Follow the link: http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/customecom/SessionCityStateSelection.aspx?stf=6&stype=1&prev=1

  3. Choose your Preferences

  4. Check For the Admission Guidelines

    • Every nursing school has its own criterion pre-decided. You must check for this information before choosing the test centre as it is very important to follow these rules.
  5. TEAS Test Scores

    • This is a very important factor that rules your decision on the location.
    • ATI sends your scorecard electronically to the schools that you have applied to. However, an important point to remember here is that one must check for the time taken by the results to reach the location. ATI gives an option to every student by sending their scorecards to the schools apart from the ones they have already applied to. However, this is a payable option. Follow the link: http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/product.aspx?zpid=942 to learn more about this facility.
  6. Retaking theTest

    • Grab every bit of information about retaking the test criteria. This will help you in taking a decision about test center.

TEAS is no rocket science but one that involves thorough subject knowledge and critical thinking skills. In addition to the above mentioned factors involved in governing your decision, one significant point to be considered is registering for the exam. Due to the rising demand of the nursing profession, the bar for number of aspirants is also increasing. So, as soon as you decided on the test center, we recommend that you register yourself for the exam at your choice of centre; this will help you avoid the last minute rush.