Where Can I Take the TEAS TEST?

Options for TEAS Test Centres

Perplexed about choosing the most ideal location to take the TEAS test? Are you stuck amidst a turbulence of questions like where can I take the TEAS test? Every TEAS aspirant goes through a myriad of questions before taking the test. However, it is advisable to find the answers to your every question at the crack of dawn. This not only helps in understanding TEAS and timely preparations in but also provides the medium to improve on the skills required to excel in the test.

Why to take the TEAS Test?

TEAS forms the medium that helps an aspiring student to get admission into one of those top-notch schools across the 50 states of USA for the various programs offered in the field of healthcare sciences. The TEAS scores are given for both individual sections and the composite test, thereby, it helps the students to display their skills more efficiently and in turn this lends a helping hand to the nursing schools in their search for the suitable candidates in the nursing profession. TEAS scores define the ability of a candidate to handle every hitch that he/she may come across during his/her course of study and the nursing profession.

This article will surely bring you out of the confusion by giving you the appropriate answers to the questions running on your mind like where can I take the TEAS test.

What is TEAS?

The TEAS is all about refreshing what you have already studied in your high school. The test syllabus covers the subjects namely Maths, Science, Reading and English & Language Usage skills. The TEAS is a 209 minutes aptitude test that takes you through 170 multiple-choice questions with four options to choose from and it can be taken in computer-based and Pencil & Paper-based formats.

If you have the knack to perform well, then all you need is to add a dash of thorough subject knowledge, a pinch of dedication and practice and serve the test with utmost confidence.

In addition to the above, it is time to know where I can take the TEAS test. You must follow these simple steps to be successfully able to take the TEAS test at the most suitable test location.

  1. Register with ATI: You will need to create an account on the official test website - www.atitesting.com; however, it should not be taken as a registration for the exam. You will be given a unique ID, which would remain the same throughout any test taken through ATI.

  2. Where can I take the TEAS test: Whilst your registration, you will need to select the state and city where you intend to take the test. Follow the link: http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/customecom/SessionCityStateSelection.aspx?stf=6&stype=1&prev=1

  3. TEAS Test Locations: Upon selection, a whole list of colleges offering TEAS pops up. This list gives detailed information about the college in the selected city along with the testing date and timings.

  4. Select Day, Date & Time of the Test: Here you can choose the date, time and location of preference as per your convenience and register to take the test.

  5. Check the Admission Guidelines: One important step is to check with the TEAS testing sites before registering, as there are some constraints and specifications that need to be followed, with respect to those.

  6. Cost of the TEAS Test: The cost of the TEAS test varies from one location to the other. These details are mentioned on the official test website www.atitesting.com.

  7. TEAS Test Scores: ATI sends your scorecard electronically to the TEAS testing sites that you have applied to. An important point to remember is the need to check the time required for these results to reach the school.
    Please note: ATI gives an opportunity to every aspiring student by sending their scorecards to additional schools apart from the ones chosen during registration by paying an additional amount. You may refer the official test website for details pertaining to this. Follow the link: http://www.atitesting.com/ati_store/product.aspx?zpid=942

  8. Retaking the TEAS test: Last but not the least, you must get complete information about the retesting criteria of the schools to which you plan to apply.

The above steps will surely help you get the answer to a very important question for every TEAS aspirant, where can I take the TEAS test.

Remember, choosing the right TEAS testing location is a very important factor that governs the TEAS. The number of nursing aspirants is rising, thereby, increasing the demand for TEAS. Hence, it is strongly recommended to make a quick decision on choosing the right location and registering for the exam at the earliest, as the centres tend to get booked very fast.

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