What is the TEAS?

Who should appear for TEAS?

What is the TEAS? The TEAS is an assessment test, which is conducted by ATI or Assessment Technology Institute for those candidates who want to join the adult nursing programs for pursuing a career in the field of nursing. Thus, the scores obtained by the students in this exam are used by the educators to determine their potential for continuing studies in the nursing schools. In other words, the group and individual results provide the greatest opportunity to the educators in choosing those students who are suitable for nursing school programs and devise appropriate techniques of admission in association with the psychometricians of ATI. However, the TEAS test scores are also used to assist those students who are unable to achieve the desired scores in this test and require support for strengthening their position.

For those students who want to know what is the TEAS, the test is divided into four sections that can be noted in the following points:

  • Reading: For Reading section of the TEAS test, the candidates have to answer 48 questions in 58 minutes. The questions in this section are based on comprehension passages and the students are asked to draw inferences from the passages.

  • Mathematics: There are 34 questions in the math section of the TEAS test and the topics include ratio and proportion, metric conversion, decimals, percentages, fractions, whole numbers and algebraic equations.

  • Science: The questions of science section are based on chemistry, biology and physical principles and there are 54 questions to be answered within 66 minutes.

  • English Grammar and Usage: In order to attempt the questions in this section, the students must have knowledge of sentence construction, punctuation and usage of grammar. There are 34 questions in this section that are to be answered within 34 minutes.

What is the TEAS test? It is an exam for obtaining admission in nursing schools consisting of 170 multiple-choice questions that are to be completed within 209 minutes.

Before knowing what is the TEAS test, it is essential to know the factors that must be taken into consideration by the candidates intending to take this test. Who are eligible to take the TEAS test? Let us find out in the following points:

  • The TEAS test should be taken by all those students who are serious about a career in nursing.

  • For those who are keen to know what is the TEAS test, this is an exam, which measures the basic academic skills of the students that are required for continuing education in the field of nursing. Thus, the students of high school with good GPA scores are eligible to take this exam.

  • The admission criteria for nursing programs vary with the colleges that offer these opportunities to the students for pursuing their studies in nursing. Thus, the students must consult with the academic advisors or counselors of respective colleges in order to find out whether they are eligible for taking the TEAS test or not. At the same time, the applicants of TEAS should also acquire information on what is the TEAS test for assessing their eligibility on the subjects that are tested in this exam.

  • For taking TEAS test, the students need not have a graduate degree in health care programs; in fact, an applicant for this test should have the potential for taking admission in the nursing programs. Thus, high school students who are interested in pursuing their college studies in nursing programs can take this test. For instance, candidates with LHS as major may consider the option of taking the TEAS test.

  • In order to take the TEAS test, the candidates should register for the test and pay the fees that are required for the same. They must also focus on their preparation and select suitable study materials before taking the test.

The TEAS test is the only option for students to carry on with their studies in nursing programs although knowing what is the TEAS test is necessary to understand the pattern of this exam and the questions that can be expected in the same.

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