What is a Good Score on the TEAS Test?

Why are Good TEAS Scores Important

The professional line of nursing has become one of the most sought after career lines by students. If you too are interested in pursuing your post-secondary education with a good university in the field of nursing, you would be aware of the TEAS test.

Owing to the significance of this test and its scores, it is important to do all your ground work before preparing for an exam like TEAS. You should know what is the TEAS test all about, when will the test be scheduled, what is a good score on the TEAS test, where can you avail good TEAS resources from etc.

The TEAS (Test for Essential Academic Skills), is a psychometric tool designed to test the aptitude of candidates who aspire to join any nursing program. This test is standardized and is a prerequisite for admission with many schools for nursing programs. In order to secure your position with a good university, it is important that you have good TEAS score. The question is what is a good score on the TEAS test?

Hence, to answer this question, one must know the selection criteria set by schools and universities for nursing programs. You should also know about how your performance is mapped through the TEAS test.

An Overview of theTEAS Score Report:

By now, you would be aware of the TEAS test structure. In brief, it is a 170-questions test, which is divided in 4 time bound sections and the entire test lasts for about 4 hours. The sections are the Reading Section, the Math Section, the Science Section and the English and Language Usage Section.

On the successful completion of the test, you have to submit your answers. You will receive a TEAS test Score Report immediately after the test. This report is a detailed psycho-analytical assessment of the test you have given. It would summarize your overall performance, individual and section wise performance. It would have the Adjusted Individual Score, National mean, Program mean, Percentile rank - National and Percentile rank - Program.

It should be known that the passing criteria for TEAS is not set by ATI, rather a percentile range is assigned by respective universities.Therefore, what is a good score on the TEAS test can be only answered by universities who decide the benchmark. If your TEAS test score happens to be within the range mentioned by the university, you become eligible to enroll for the nursing program.

Therefore, it is important to check the university guidelines for the TEAS score they require, in case you fail to meet their standards, your application will be rejected. Since there is no passing cut-off mentioned by ATI, the universities have the liberty to set their own benchmark which would vary from school to school.

However, ATI assigns the "Academic Preparedness Level" as "Advanced" (80%-90%), "Proficient" (70%-80%) or "Exemplary" (90% and above). The answer to what is a good score on the TEAS test also depends on the nursing program you apply for, for example: Associate Degree for Nursing (ADN), Bachelor's Program for Nursing (BSN) or diplomas related to Registered Nursing (RN). The benchmark for TEAS score varies from nursing program to program as well.

The Importance of a Good TEAS Score:

The ATI assessments for TEAS happen to be an effective psychometric tool to map your strengths and weakness. The TEAS report would contain information about your weak and strong academic areas, which is a major factor considered by universities while your application will be reviewed. Therefore, through a good TEAS score you get a great head start for your nursing career by enrolling into a strong nursing program with a reputed university. Since the TEAS score determines the university you are eligible to apply in, to get a good TEAS score is of huge importance.

Therefore, if you are reading this article and are preparing to appear for the TEAS test, the very first thing you have to do is to get access to reliable TEAS study resources and start preparing for the test.

It is also important to get in touch with the school administrations, online communities and forums to be familiarize you with their selection process and learn about any changes which occur in their nursing program guidelines.

You would require a lot of time management and determination in order to get a perfect score for getting your nursing career started. The answer to what is a good score on the TEAS test may seem like an uphill battle, but with self-discipline, a rigorous study regime and reliable study aids you can succeed with flying colors!

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