What Does The Teas Test Consist Of?

Topics Covered in TEAS

Many students often ask this question in TEAS blogs and forums - "What does the TEAS test consist of?". This article will provide you a comprehensive answer to this question, by touching upon all the facets of the TEAS test. The article is organized in a simple question and answer format. Through the following set of frequently asked questions, the article will elaborate all that you need to know about the TEAS test.

What is the Purpose of the TEAS Test and Who is Required to Take it?

Before, we delve into the answer to the most common question - "What does the TEAS test consist of?", let's first understand the significance of this test. The acronym TEAS stands for "Test of Essential Academic Skills". All individuals applying to the nursing degree programs such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Registered Nursing (RN) and/or Practitioner Nursing (PN) programs, and other health programs in certain colleges in the U.S are required to take this test. Through this test, the colleges assess the applicants' basic academic skills in the fields of Science, Math, English and Reading. Usually, the TEAS scores are used in combination with other academic records of the applicants to form a composite score and the students having the best composite score are selected. To be eligible for admission into these nursing programs, the applicants must attain a minimum recommended score in the TEAS test.

What Formats is the TEAS Test Available In?

The TEAS test is available in two formats, i.e. paper-pencil based and computer-based. Some TEAS test centers only allow either of these formats, while other centers may allow both test types.

What are the Components of the TEAS Test?

This question is the first part of the frequently asked question - "What does the TEAS test consist of?" The TEAS test is divided into 4 main sections, namely, Reading, Math, English and Science, wherein questions will appear.

What Are the Topics That Will Appear in the TEAS Test?

This question is the second part of the much broader question - "What does the TEAS test consist of?" A list of the topics, on which questions will appear under each test section, are as follows:

  1. Reading section - Reading comprehension of passages and paragraphs.

  2. Math section - Basic mathematical operations and entities, conversion of metric data, interpretation of charts, graphs and other data-sets, algebraic equations etc.

  3. English section - Standard American English grammar, grammatical conventions, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.

  4. Science section - Life Science, Earth and Physical Sciences, Human Body Science and the principles of Scientific Reasoning.

What are the Types of Questions That Will Appear in the TEAS Test?

This question has been partially answered in the responses to the last 2 questions. However, one more important piece of information in this context is that the TEAS test consists of 170 questions in multiple-choice format, with four options each. Out of these 170 questions, 150 questions are scored and 20 are not scored. The un-scored questions are distributed across the different subject areas of the test. The break-up of the 150 scored questions, across the test sections, is namely, 42 questions in Reading, 30 questions in Math, 48 questions in Science and finally 30 questions in English.

With this answer, we have covered all aspects of the answer to the commonly asked question, which is, "What does the TEAS test consist of?" However, there are some other aspects of this test, which one must know about!

How Long is the TEAS Test?

When we talk about the TEAS test, it is also important to talk about the duration of the test. The TEAS test takes about 209 minutes or 3.5 hours to complete. Each test section is also governed by specific time limits, namely, 58 minutes for Reading, 51 minutes for Math, 66 minutes for Science and 34 minutes for English.

In conclusion of this article, we hope that we have provided you with a clear cut response to the question - "What does the TEAS test consist of?" by touching upon all the features of the test. For additional information on test centers and registration, study resources and much more, you could visit the ATI website at www.atitesting.com.

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