Version V TEAS Test

What Does Version V TEAS Test Contain?

Version V is the fifth and the latest version of ATI TEAS, which is one of the most prestigious nursing entrance examinations in the United States of America. The scores obtained by the examinees are used by nursing colleges for deciding upon the suitability of an applicant to nursing courses offered by them.

The TEAS Version V Format

This is an online test, and the questions to be answered in it are of the objective type. This test has four content areas to be answered: Reading Comprehension, English and Language Usage, Science and Mathematics. The total duration of the test is 3.5 hours, and a total of 170 questions have to be answered in this time frame. This is the most important nursing entrance examination today, as most of the American colleges are demanding these scores for granting admission to their nursing courses. They have stopped accepting scores of other nursing tests and the earlier versions of TEAS.

The scoring system involves awarding composite scores to the examinees.

What Does Version V Contain?

The contents of this version of the test are organized as follows:

  • Reading Comprehension This section, which covers 28% of TEAS 5, consists of 42 questions on the whole, which need to be answered in 40 minutes. This section consists of 23 questions from Passage Comprehension and 19 questions from Paragraph Comprehension.

    The Reading Comprehension section is designed to understand your ability to comprehend a given text and derive logical inferences from it. This section presents questions of varying levels of difficulty. Some of them require deep analytical skills to solve, while others can be answered without having to exert the mental faculties much. Each question will have a number of answers. Depending upon the nature of the questions, the answers provided may be tricky or simple. As speed is also an important factor in TEAS, you have to adopt certain techniques to arrive at the most accurate answer. Experts say that it is a good practice to go through the questions and answers before reading a given passage so that you can easily identify the correct answers while reading it.

  • Mathematics- This section covers 20 percent of the test. An examinee has to answer 54 questions in a matter of half an hour. This section consists of three sub-sections: Number & Operations, Algebraic Expressions and Measurements, and Data Interpretation.

    The Mathematics section consists of questions that can be answered by applying the very basic concepts of mathematics. The aim of this test is not to actually test a nursing applicant's knowledge in Mathematics, but to test his or her mental agility and precision in thinking. These skills are very essential for a professional dealing with human life, as there may be certain situations, which require the healthcare professionals to take immediate and precise decisions (for example: giving first aid to a person suffering from a heart attack).

  • English and Language Usage - This section covers 20 % of the question paper and consists of 30 questions, which need to be answered in 30 minutes. It has three sections Grammar & Word Meaning, Spelling and Punctuation, and Structure.

    Knowledge of English and its usage are of utmost importance to any person dealing with the public. Nurses have to interact with patients and doctors, and it is very important for them to convey their message and receive messages without any distortion in communication. This section tests the communication proficiency of nursing aspirants.

  • Science- This is the most important section and covers 32 percent of the test questions. It has four different sections: Life Science (10%), Earth and Physical Science (9%), Human Body Science (7%) and Scientific Reasoning (5%). This is the largest section and it presents a wide range of questions of varying difficulty to the examinees.

    A healthcare professional should have good scientific knowledge and ability to reason out scientifically. Hence, this test has been devised to test the examinee in these skills.


The version is the latest and the only currently valid test. It is a computerized test, which tests nursing aspirants in four content areas, in which they are required to have basic knowledge. TEAS certified nursing course entrants are seen to perform better in the nursing courses than entrants from other sources.