Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS V

3 Sources of Information for TEAS

The Test of Essential Academic Skills or TEAS V is a measure of academic proficiency. The test is being used as a pre-Nursing test to analyze the potential of prospective candidates; and, in turn, determine their eligibility for Nursing program admission. Listed here are three important information sources on this test that can help in your preparation. Also, read more about the essentials of this competitive test that can change your Nursing prospects.


This test from ATI covers a gamut of academic topics as required for taking up certain Nursing programs. The test scores are used by several Nursing and other healthcare educational institutions as a good predictor of academic success in basic-level Nursing programs. The scores also help institutions realize the shortcomings of their future students and accordingly plan for developmental programs to help them improve. In addition, this test of academic skills also helps you realize your potentials and shortcomings better and thus, opens up opportunities of improvement. The other salient pointers include:

  • To effectively serve the purpose of testing as stated above, there are different core academic skills and areas included in this test.

  • Also, the test questions are thoughtfully designed to objectively and efficiently evaluate the skills and abilities of test takers in the given topics.

  • Though the admission score requirements and test taking requirements can vary between different institutions, the content and question types remain the same throughout all administrations.

  • This proctored test takes a total of 209 minutes to complete the whole battery. However, actual administrations are a little longer.

A lot more on this can be found at the official ATI testing website, https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx.

Sections and Question Types

Let us now have a detailed look at the sections, question types, and question items. English and Language Usage, Reading, Mathematics, and Science are the main topics included and assessed in this test. Given below is a sectional break-up of these core content areas:

  • The English and Language usage section measures the test takers' skills and proficiency levels in grammar and punctuation areas. Questions span across basic, intermediate, and advanced level grammar topics.

  • The Reading section focuses on gauging the vocabulary and reading comprehension skills of candidates.

  • Questions from different core Math topics like Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Averages and Rounding, Estimation and Sequences, Graphs, Exponents, Measurement, Percents, Geometry, Fractions and Square Roots, and Ratios are included in the Mathematics part of this test.

  • The Science section covers the entire range of General Science topics from Biology, Ecology, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemical, Earth, and Physical Sciences.

All questions are of multiple-choice type. However, the number of questions in each of the core test areas and the time allotted are not the same. Also, different testing institutions tend to have slightly varying number of test items in the core test areas.

Three Important TEAS Information Sources

When preparing for any test, it is critical that you have all the essential information with you. There are plenty of information sources offline and online that can provide important information.

  • The official TEAS website (https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx): The most authentic and popular online resource; it contains information on all the important aspects of the test. This is also the place where you need to register online for the test. Apart from the test schedule and a list of testing schedules, it provides links to additional test site specific details, has a dedicated space for test preparation, and has an online store from where you may purchase many good prep resources and titles published by ATI itself.

  • The institution where you are applying for the Nursing program: With institutions having different testing and scoring requirements for TEAS, one of the ideal places to get the most specific information is your institution. Most institutions and colleges provide almost all essentials on test taking and score requirements on their websites. The information provided also might include test taking tips and tricks and links to prep resources.

  • http://www.nursingexamprepinfo.com/teas_test.htm: This is yet another vital information resource for Nursing aspirants. Apart from an overview of the test and its content, this web resource also lists sample questions. Links to other important information sources are also included in this online resource. In addition, this is a resource that can help in your preparation for other pre-Nursing tests, as well.

TEAS is a test that can change your career as well as academic prospects. If Nursing is your passion and professional aspiration, it is vital that this test is given its due in your prep efforts. Accordingly, you may choose quality materials and information resources for your test preparation so that you do well in your test and thus, are closer to your dreams.