How to Obtain Information on TEAS?

The TEAS or the Test of Essential Academic Skills is a multiple-choice test administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI) to identify the potential students for a nursing program. This is a standardized test with 170 questions covering the domains of Math, Reading, Language and Science. Apart from good recommendations, good school grades and good grades on the ACT or SAT test, high grades are essential in TEAS as well for you to join a nursing program.

Subject Areas Covered and Questions in the Test

As has been stated earlier, the TEAS test covers four subject areas. 28 % of the questions fall under the Reading section, 30 % under Mathematics, 48% under the Science and the rest 30% fall under the English and Language section. Also, there are subareas in each of the major subject areas. Of the total 170 questions, 20 questions are pretest items that are not scored. The subject areas and the number of questions in each of the areas are given in the tabular column below:

Subject Area Subject Sub-area Number of Questions
Reading 42 (28%)
Paragraph Comprehension 19 (13%)
Passage Comprehension 23 (15%)
Mathematics 30 (20%)
Numbers and Operations 19 (13%)
Algebraic Applications 4 (3%)
Data Interpretation 3 (2%)
Measurement 4 (3%)
Science 48 (32%)
Human Body Science 11 (7%)
Life Science 15 (10%)
Earth and Physical Science 14 (9%)
Scientific Reasoning 8 (5%)
English and Language Usage 30 (20%)
Grammar and Word Meaning in Context 15 (10%)
Spelling and Punctuations 9 (6%)
Structure 6 (4%)
Total 150 (100%)

Importance of the Test

The basic essential skills in the domain areas described above are measured in the TEAS. The test helps in identifying the candidates who have the appropriate entry level skills and abilities to take up a nursing program. The TEAS test has been proven to be a significant predictor, based on statistics, for identifying the candidates who will be successful in a nursing program. In other words, the test would help the colleges identify the candidates with the biggest potential for a nursing career.

The psychometricians at the ATI help the colleges device an admission formula that is the best fit for the program offered by the college. For each of the four areas, composite scores are released. Further, 13 sub-scores are also released. You do not pass or fail in the test. However, your scores are compared against the others who have taken up the test and based on those results, the selection list is drafted.

Duration, Testing Centers and Fees of the Test

The total time limit for the test is 209 minutes. An ATI account has to be created if you want to appear for the TEAS test. The test results are released after 48 hours of completing the test. Calculators are not allowed for the test. The registration fee for the test varies from one college to another.

Testing centers are available across all the 50 states of the U.S. The website, www.atitesting.com gives the details about the testing centers available at the different states along with the other testing information like test date and timings. It is recommended that you register for the test early as the testing centers get filled up fast. Some colleges allow retesting while a few of them do not. Hence, it is best that you check the individual college websites for these details.

Information about the Test

Though the basic information about the test has been given in this article, it is best to go to the official website of the TEAS, https://www.atitesting.com/solutions/prenursingschool/teas.aspx to get the detailed information about the test. Further, individual colleges' websites, where you are planning to apply for the nursing course, would also give the information you require. After you read about the test in the official website, you could visit the specific college website to get the details about the exam dates, registration fees and other such information which would vary from one college to another.


The TEAS is a test that is used for identifying the potential candidates for nursing programs. If your aim is to become a nurse, collect all the information about the test and prepare thoroughly for the same. Only if you get a good score in the test, would you be able to join a nursing course.

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