TEAS Version V

Why You Should Take TEAS Version V

It used to be the grades, the recommendation letters and probably a few entrance examinations like ACT and SAT that were important for college admissions earlier. However, in the recent years, students who are aiming for a nursing course, get to hear a lot about a new admission requirement called the TEAS test. What is the TEAS test and why is it important for nursing course admissions? This article will address these questions, thereby, educating beginners as well as prepared test takers about the test details.

What is the TEAS Test?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is a pre-admission exam, required by most of the nursing programs across the country. This comprehensive assessment tests if an aspiring nursing student has sufficient academic skills and knowledge, in order to cope up with the nursing courses, if given an admission.

The previous version of the TEAS test, TEAS version 3/4 is not accepted by many schools of nursing currently. This is because, ATI has introduced a new updated version of the TEAS test called the TEAS version V, which is widely accepted by most of the nursing colleges. Hence, it is better to aim and prepare for the TEAS version V test, of course, after confirming with your nursing school about their admission requirement.

What is the TEAS Test Version V?

If you are nearing the phase of procuring an entry into a nursing college, the term, TEAS Test might ring an alarm into your ears. However, this test is not as scary as how, many students conceive it in their minds. With a proper understanding of the test requirements and an efficient test preparation, you are sure to crack the TEAS version V successfully.

To begin with, understand the components of the TEAS test. These will act as a guide, pointing to you, the direction of your test preparation, at all times. The following details will help you in understanding the TEAS test version V better:

The TEAS test version V is a multiple-choice based examination. It includes a total of 170 questions which are to be answered in 209 minutes, that is, 3.5 hours. As mentioned earlier, these questions will test your academic knowledge. Hence, the questions are framed from your high-school academic courses in the subjects of Science, Mathematics and English Language. The test is sub-divided into four content areas; namely, Reading, Mathematics, Science and English Language Usage. The following points will elaborate what each of the four areas demand in a TEAS version V test:

  • Reading: The Reading section consists of paragraph and passage comprehensions. It tests how well you can find answers within a given passage, either directly or through inferences and conclusions. It requires you to answer 48 questions in 58 minutes.

  • Mathematics: The Math portion covers basic arithmetic operations, such as, Whole numbers, Fraction and Decimal functions, Ratios and Proportions, Percentages, Algebra and Metric conversions. It has a total of 34 questions that are to be answered in 51 minutes.

  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Science reasoning and Science knowledge are covered under this section. It has the highest share of questions, that is, 54 questions for which 66 minutes are allotted.

  • English Language Usage: This part is aimed at testing your knowledge of basic grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and vocabulary usage. You are given 34 minutes to answer 34 questions in this section.

How Can You Prepare for the TEAS Test Version V?

The most commonly followed TEAS test prep material is the TEAS V Study Manual by ATI. You can purchase it online through the official website of ATI (www.atitesting.com). The manual is developed specifically for TEAS version V. ATI also provides two online practice assessments. It suggests students to take the first assessment before the test preparation, in order to judge the study areas in which you require extra efforts. The second assessment should be taken towards the end of your test preparation, such that it will mimic the actual test.

TEAS version V might eventually become the only-accepted version of the test in the future years, unless ATI introduces another updated version of the test. Hence, it is good to prepare and solve practice tests of the version V, in order to get into the nursing program of your choice.

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